Help Save Alisha’s Legs


I don’t usually post things like this, but this is Alisha, the puppy of one of my best friends, Mel. She recently took a tumble and broke both of her front legs, and now needs surgery to make sure they heal correctly. Mel is unemployed but is looking for a job, but currently can’t pay the amount needed for the surgery. The vet said it will at least be 4,000 but it could possibly be more than 6,000. If she doesn’t get the surgery, her legs can heal wrong and she’ll have to get them both amputated.

Mel was my sister’s best friend, and after my sister passed Mel was absolutely devastated, but she’s had Alisha to help her through this hard time. Alisha is only 18 months old and is a super happy puppy, I hate to see her in pain and this surgery would help her so much. I made a gofundme, if you can donate the link is here, but if you can’t please try and share it. Every little bit helps! Thanks guys ❤


(I’m sorry I haven’t updated, things have been hectic but I will try to write some more soon. Thank you for being patient. Love you guys :))

4 thoughts on “Help Save Alisha’s Legs

      • Oh that is so brilliant! Thanks for the update! I love animals!
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