Lake Fae Chapter 2: That’s My Sister


As the years went by, I lost interest in both the attic and the workbench. Instead I turned my attention towards music. While my brother spent time tinkering with scraps of metal, I stayed in our room and played whichever instrument I was feeling that day. I found that I was a pretty gifted musician. As far as I could tell, I could play the keyboard, the guitar, and the bass.


“Hey, Bozo.” Skye’s voice interrupted my playing, making me jump. Whenever I played, I got really into the music and it was easy to startle me. I hadn’t even noticed her come into the room.

“Skye, you shouldn’t scare me like that.” I dropped my hands from the keys and spun around the face my sister.


“Why aren’t you practicing?” I asked. Skye was also a musician. She wasn’t gifted, but she could definitely play well enough to get into the highest level band at our new school this coming year. She played the bass, she fell in love with it when I got mine so Dad bought her one too.

“Dunno, nerves I guess.” She said with a sharp intake of breath and fiddled with the hem of her shirt anxiously.

“What’s up?” I asked, officially directing all of my attention towards her, my music could wait.


“I’m nervous about tomorrow.” She plopped down onto the floor of my room with a sigh. Skye and I start high school tomorrow. Even though I was a year older than her, we were in the same grade. My dad decided to keep me back a year so the two of us could be together.

“I’ll be right there with you, it won’t be that bad.” I offered as I joined her on the floor.

“But still, it’s a huge school. what if we don’t have any classes together?” She worried.


“Well, we’re gonna have to branch out sometime, right?” I tried to joke but she didn’t crack a smile. “Oh c’mon Skye, it couldn’t hurt us if we made some friends other than each other.”

“You know I’m not good with people.” She sighed once again. She wasn’t wrong, but I needed to convince her to at least try.

“It won’t kill you to try. Tell you what, if we have zero classes together and you can’t make any friends in any of them, I’ll have Dad go in and change my classes to fit yours again.” I offered, finally making her giggle. Neither of us could forget the incident of our first year in middle school. We didn’t have any classes together, and when Dad found out he stormed into the school and demanded that they change our schedules to fit. They never forgot to put us in the same classes again.


“Alright fine, I’ll try to make other friends.” She smiled, making me smile too.

“Good, I don’t think the administrators would appreciate our angry father.” I joked once more. She giggled, and once again I was glad I could calm my sister’s anxiety. It seemed like this was becoming more and more of an issue, she always seemed to be nervous about something. Something told me I should tell my dad, but I didn’t want to make assumptions and have Skye lose her trust in me. I guess I’d just have to see how it played out.



The next morning Skye and I walked into the doors of Appaloosa Plains High. She was visibly shaking, the poor girl was so nervous. I was pretty tense too, kids from the town over would be going to this school since they didn’t have a high school there. It was kinda scary. Skye and I had picked up our schedules in front of the school and we found out we had three classes together.  It wasn’t ideal, but we wouldn’t be having our dad come into the administration office any time soon.

There weren’t many people in the hallways. Classes were about to start and most people were already in their first periods.


But out of the few people around us, my eyes were instantly drawn to the girl across the room. She was gorgeous. She wasn’t supermodel pretty, she was more like a statue, a work of art that looked too flawless to really exist.

I hadn’t even noticed that I’d stopped walking until Skye’s voice broke me away from my thoughts. “Hey bozo, you coming or what?”

“Huh?” I asked, slowly pulling my eyes away from the girl across the room. Skye rolled her eyes and grabbed my arm, pulling me towards first period geometry. Even in my dazed state I was glad to see she’d calmed down.


Our class happened to be right down the hallway that the girl and her friends were standing near. As Skye and I passed, the girl and I made eye contact. I gave her a small smile, and to my surprise she smiled back. I could feel my face start to heat up, I’d never been the greatest when it came to girls. I hoped I wouldn’t screw this up before I even tried. I also hoped I’d be seeing more of her.



I didn’t have to wait very long to see her. Turns out she’s in my first period geometry class. There weren’t many seats in here to begin with so when she came in the only chair left was next to me. It was a little hard to concentrate on what our teacher was saying when such a beautiful girl was so close to me.


He was also very hard to listen to. Mr. Yates had a very boring, monotonous voice that could put anyone to sleep. It was a shame, he had the potential to be a really cool teacher. Mr. Yates was one of the few Djinn in town. They were a dying breed and there were only two families here in Appaloosa Plains. You would think that a man like that would be at least somewhat interesting. Wrong.

“Alright,” He turned away from the board once he finished writing some random shapes and equations that made no sense to me. “Can anyone tell me the formula for the pythagorean theorem?”


Immediately Skye’s hand shot into the air. She might be she and awkward, but she was fairly smart and never passed up the chance to answer a question in class. “Yes, Miss Fae?” Mr. Yates called on my sister.

“A squared plus B squared equals C squared.” She answered confidently.



“Nerd.” The girl I previously admired said through a fake cough. I glared at her before glancing over at Skye to see if she heard. She definitely had, her previous enthusiasm had vanished and was replaced with an expression of hurt and embarassment. Every instinct I had told me to go over there and comfort her, but I knew that would only cause more teasing. The best I could think of was a supportive smile, but she was staring down at her notes so she couldn’t see.

The purple haired vampire next to me giggled at the other girls’ comment. I instantly hated them, they didn’t even know my sister and they were already making fun of her.


The cute girl next to me noticed my glare. “What?” She questioned, despite the fact the teacher was still talking.

“That’s my sister.” I crossed my arms and continued my glare.

“Oh, sorry.” Her expression changed from it’s previous smugness to one of sincere guilt. “I didn’t really mean anything by it.”

“Well you obviously hurt her feelings.” I gestured over to my sister who’s head was still hung in embarrassment.

“Alright, well why don’t you two sit with us at lunch, I can apologize and maybe we could be friends?” She flirted, leaning forward.

“I don’t see why not.” I half-smiled. Maybe I didn’t hate her, I mean, she was willing to apologize. Perhaps she was right, we could be friends. Hopefully Skye will accept her apology, it would be nice to have a group of friends.

6 thoughts on “Lake Fae Chapter 2: That’s My Sister

  1. I haven’t gotten a single good vibe from Freesia and I don’t really like her either. Ughhh I wish Skye had won. Lol Dimitri storming into the school to change their schedules. Great chapter! I cannot wait for more!

    • We’ll have to see what happens with Freesia. Dimitri is very concerned with keeping the younger two together since they’re so close. The imagine of him yelling in a school office is pretty funny lol. Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. So far so good! Freesia seems pretty manipulative, and I don’t like people or sims like that. But, hey, it’s a good start to their school life!

    • I don’t either, if I were Lake I wouldn’t have accepted her offer, but he probably only accepted since she’s pretty. Thanks for reading 🙂

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