Generation 4 Prologue


I don’t remember my mom much. She left us when I was only a few years old. My dad explained to me that my mother was a hero, she sacrificed herself to set all the supernatural beings in the world free from the awful experiments the humans inflicted on us.

But what I do remember is coming to Appaloosa Plains. My little sister and best friend, Skye, was scared of the new house. This whole ordeal was scary for her, none of us had ever left our old cabin and now suddenly we were in a neighborhood filled with other supernaturals. It was definitely a scary experience, but even at my young age I felt like I needed to protect my little sister.

My father had just pulled up to the new house and got us all out of the car. The four of us stood in front of the new house and just stared at it.

“Lake, this house looks scary.” Skye whispered to me. I grabbed her hand to try and comfort her despite my own fear.


“It’s okay.” I turned to my sister and smiled, making her smile along with me. It didn’t take much to calm her down back then.

“You kids go inside and explore, I’ll unpack the trunk.” Dad gave a half-hearted smile. Honestly, I don’t remember a lot about my life before Appaloosa Plains, but I do remember that my father used to be a lot happier. Now, the smile never reached his eyes and he frowned every time he thought we weren’t looking.


Stone took Skye’s other hand and the two of them raced inside. I dropped her hand just in time, I was only seconds away from being dragged along with them. My hesitation to enter the house was obvious to my dad. He gave me a soft smile, ruffled my hair and ushered me inside.

I wasn’t very interested in looking around, unlike my siblings who were already racing up the stairs. Well, not racing exactly, Skye was still pretty young so Stone had to help her go up them.


The only thing I was interested in at the time was the TV. I was a little scared of upstairs, and I knew that Stone wouldn’t lead me up there like he did with Skye. Ever since Mom left, he’d taken more to Skye. Which meant he spent less time with me, and eventually we started to grow apart. I didn’t mind, I knew that Skye and I were a lot closer than they were.



Appaloosa Plains wasn’t very exciting. There wasn’t much to do here, so the majority of the time the three of us spent our days in the backyard. It wasn’t the prettiest backyard, the play equipment was old and the yard was overrun with weeds. But it was all we had. It scared Skye sometimes, she often thought that monsters were hiding in the weeds or that the swing would break and she’d fall down. It used to take a lot of convincing to get her outside, but eventually I was able to get her outside with minimal coaxing.

This particular day was more boring than usual. It was a Saturday, we’d been playing in the sand the entire day and it was getting pretty lame. Sometimes on weekends, Stone would take us down to the park or something cool like that, and today I was hoping he’d be willing to take us out again.

“Hey Stone, can we go somewhere today?” I turned away from my sand castle to face my older brother. He was practicing chess at the time, and he just grunted.


“Oh come on Stone, you have to be bored of that game by now, you’ve been playing for like, a hundred years!” Skye complained as she threw a handful of sand at a half-assed attempt at a sand castle.

“You’ve been playing in the sand for like, a hundred years!” Stone mimicked her without looking up from his table.


“C’mon Stone, we’re bored. There’s nothing to do!” I chimed in. Usually if the two of us complained, he’d take us out just to shut us up.

“There’s plenty to do guys.” He sighed, again without looking up from his board. I had a hunch that he didn’t wanna stop playing chess.

“I know, but we wanna hang out with you, Stoney.” Skye said with a sweet smile. She could get either of us to do whatever she wanted with that smile.


“Fine.” He sighed again. “But we’re gonna have to do something here, Dad has the car today and the park is too far from here for us to walk.”

“What can we do here?” I asked, turning towards him once more.

“We can do some exploring.” He said with a mischievous smile.

“Like explore the attic?” Skye asked nervously. The attic was where our Dad slept, none of us had ever been up there, we weren’t allowed. So of course Stone and I were curious. What could possibly be up there? Why didn’t Dad want us up there? It was something that could drive two adventurous boys insane.

“Not today.” He said, sounding as equally disappointed as I felt. “There isn’t enough time, Dad might be home any minute.”

“Then where? We’ve been everywhere else.” I was curious to know what his idea was.

“How about the garage, none of us have ever been in there?” He smiled even wider. He and I both jumped up and ran over to the garage door. Skye got up slower, obviously nervous at the idea.


“I-I don’t know if this is a great idea guys, what if there’s something in there that Daddy doesn’t want us to see?” Skye always did this when one of us wanted to do something awesome.

“It’s just a garage, Skye. We’ll be fine. I promise.” Stone gave her a reassuring smile as he approached the door.

“Is it locked?” I asked.

“No.” He turned and gave me that wild smile he always does when we do something we’re not supposed to be doing.


Stone quickly swung the door open and stepped into the garage. I waited a few seconds, just so he could make sure it was alright for the two of us to come in.

“Oh cool!” He yelled from inside, making both of us rush into the garage.


“What’s so cool about this?” I asked, visibly disappointed when all I could see were boxes and an old, crappy car that looked like it hadn’t been used in years.

“Over here.” Stone exclaimed.


“What is that?” I asked as my brother picked up a hammer and started to hit some scraps of metal.

“It’s an inventing bench, Lake. This is so cool, I’ve always wanted one of these!”

“Can I try?” I wanted to try and build a robot, Skye and I loved to watch cartoons about robots in the mornings.

“I don’t think so, it’s pretty dangerous.”

“Then why do you get to do it? That’s not fair.” I crossed my arms at my brother.

“Sorry Bud, I don’t want you to get hurt.”


I was mad at my brother. It wasn’t fair that he got to have fun and make inventions when I didn’t. He was hogging it, I deserved a turn! Stone was just being a bully.

“You’re so mean Stone!” I yelled at him, before flying past a startled Skye and out into the backyard.

So much for having a fun adventure.

A/N: Hey guys, just a little announcement: I’m switching over to mediafire, from now on I’ll be putting my sims on there instead of the exchange. I’m getting annoyed with how often they take my sims down, so this way I don’t have to worry about that. The first one on there is Dimitri, you can download him here if you’d like him in your game 🙂

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