Generation 4 Heir Vote!


It’s that time again, time for you guys to vote for your favorite potential heir to run the next generation! I’m gonna do it a little early, Jasmine’s story isn’t finished yet, but I need to know who the heir is before I finish it. Also, I won’t be giving a summary of their storylines, just a brief description of each kid’s personality.

Now, without further ado, the Generation 4 Kids!


Stone Fae

Traits: Evil, Genius, Ambitious

Occult Type: Vampire

Current Life Stage: Child

Personality: Ever since he was a child, Stone’s been pretty serious. He’s a smart kid, he knows a lot about a lot of things. He spends a lot of time play chess or reading science books instead of playing outside with his siblings. He’s very closed off from anyone, especially his family. Stone usually speaks unless spoken to. He’s always thinking, always planning. Stone likes to tinker with gadgets and scraps of metal to try and create things. He wants to be an amazing scientist when he grows up. Hopefully, he’ll use his smarts for good.


Lake Fae

Traits: Absent-Minded, Virtuoso

Occult Type: Fairy

Current Life Stage: Toddler

Personality: Lake Fae is a fun-loving kid without a care in the world. He’s always joking and messing around with his family. Lake is the middle child, but sometimes he feels like he’s the oldest, especially when his brother and sister fight. He’s very close with his younger sister, they’ve been inseparable since she was born. Lake can tell Stone is jealous of their bond, but he can’t help it if Skye loves him more. He’s always been like the protector of his sister, staying by her incase she needs him. But unlike his sister, Lake is a very sociable person. He’s easy to talk to and is quick to make everyone laugh. Being such a people-person isn’t always a good thing, if he isn’t careful he could end up ignoring the people closest to him.


Skye Fae

Traits: Clumsy, Easily Impressed

Occult Type: Vampire

Current Life Stage: Toddler

Personality: Skye Fae is a child at heart. She and her brother are almost always playing some type of game, no matter where they are. Skye and Lake are practically inseparable, if you see one you’re likely to see the other close by. Neither of them have many friends, people think they’re ‘weird’ and ‘nerdy’, but that doesn’t bother them. As long as Skye has her brother, she’ll be fine. Without him, she’s shy and awkward. She doesn’t know how to act around others, so she tenses up and talks about science, usually boring or scaring people off. She’s also a bit of a klutz, which has put her into many unwanted awkward situations. Who knows what it’ll get her into next.


Now that you know a little more about each candidate, it’s time to vote! There is a possibility of a duel heirship, but only if the two kids get the exact same amount of votes before the end of the week.

Remember: outfits, makeup, hairstyles, and clothes are subject to change.

Happy voting!


7 thoughts on “Generation 4 Heir Vote!

  1. Ok, that’s a hard choice. I really like Stone but I also love Skye. I need to finish the last chapter, but I voted anyways. I still can’t download Ivy though. It’s giving me an error code. I’m not sure, but I could download the others.

    • I know, I’m glad it’s not up to me because I love them all too much to pick a favorite. Thanks for voting! Sorry about Ivy, I’m gonna try and find a different website to put all my sims on because the exchange keeps taking them down. It’s annoying :/

  2. I really love Skye and Lake, but I think I’ll pick Skye. I might regret it later, but whatever. I just can’t wait >o<
    My game recently like… killed all my save files, and my legacy which should be on Gen. 2 right now is gone T^T I'm glad this legacy has lasted this long. Hopefully nothing goes wrong with it ^^

    • Thanks for voting! Skye’s doing pretty well so far, but it’s still pretty early. That sucks, I’m sorry to hear about losing your files 😦 That’s happened to me before, but luckily I was able to save a few files I had on a flash drive. I’m gonna try and finish this legacy all the way to gen ten, then possibly do a spin-off legacy.

  3. You should totally have a lgbt+ heir! ive NEVER seen a legacy due that. your legacy has been the most diverse one i have ever seen its amazing!

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