Jasmine Fae Chapter 12: Caged


A sharp, throbbing pain from the side of my head pulled me out of my sleep. I groaned and rolled over, expecting my bed to be a lot larger. Instead, I ended up with bars in my face.

“What the hell?” I complained under my breath.


It took me a moment to fully wake up. When I did, I pulled myself into a sitting position and looked around the room. Obviously I wasn’t at the apartment, but I didn’t recognize this place at all.

That’s when I remembered what happened at work. The man called the authorities on me, and now I must be in some kind of facility.


The bars I fell into surrounded me on all sides, I was locked in a cage. All that was in there was the bed and a small bathroom. After looking over the cage I looked around the room. I wasn’t alone. There were four scientists or doctors, I’m not really sure what they were. But I did notice that two of them were human, and two were vampire.


“Excuse me?” I climbed off the bed and tried to get the attention of the nearest person. The human man closest to me came over to the cage.


“Where am I?”

“Bridgeport Science Facility.” He explained with an annoyed expression, as if I magically should’ve known this.

“Why am I here?”


“Isn’t it obvious? You’re the only Hybrid supernatural we’ve ever encountered. We can’t just have you walking around without knowing what you’re capable of.” He spun on his heel and got back to his work without another word.


No. No. This can’t be happening. I thought to myself. My hands covered my eyes, I was worried I would cry. I felt like my entire world had crashed down on me. Everything I ever had was gone, I knew I’d never see my family again. I was going to die here, they’d experiment on me until they kill me. There’s no possible way out of this.


I couldn’t keep myself together after that. My sobs were loud and gross, but I didn’t even give a shit. My life was over, I had to spent the rest of my days being poked and prodded and sleeping in a cage. I had every right to break down.

None of the scientists even flinched at the sound of my screams. They didn’t do anything, they let me scream until my throat was raw and my voice was practically gone. Even after I stopped, they never bothered to check on me. They just continued to do whatever it was they were doing.




“What exactly are we doing, Sir?” My father had called me to a meeting at the Science Facility, the place where they were holding Jasmine. No one knew where she came from, no one knew that she’d been living with me prior to her being captured. I was nervous someone would find out, I knew if my cover was blown before I put my plan into action, I’d be completely screwed.

“Video call, I just need to talk to you and your brother first.” He paced the front of the room nervously.

“Christian’s gonna be here?”

“Yes, he’ll be here any second.”


As is on cue, my arrogant little brother strode into the room as if he owned the place. After his eighteenth birthday, Christian became the world biggest asshole. He was so cocky, he acted like he was the greatest thing that’s ever happened to the world. It was so obnoxious.

“Sorry I’m late, Father.” He walked over to the table we were at and slid into the seat across from me.


“Father, is this about the Mutt we’ve captured?” He sneered, the word ‘Mutt’ was emphasized with hatred.

“It is, since it was our council that caught it, we’re the ones who get to decide what to do with it.” My father explained bluntly. I felt my anger rise in my throat at him for calling Jasmine an it. She was a person who deserved rights, she didn’t deserve to be locked in a cage like she was.

But I couldn’t get angry at them, I had to pretend to be on their side. It was killing me though, the longer I played along with them, the longer Jasmine had to endure the painful experiments the scientists were performing.

“What are we going to do with… it?” I asked, hesitating slightly when calling Jasmine an it.

“Well, I’m not sure yet. I was going to ask you boys before the video call with Carson.” He explained. Carson was the leader of the vampire council in Starlight Shores, yet another experiment town.


“Isn’t it obvious? We can’t let this thing live, we don’t know what it’s capable of. Who knows what powers it may posses. That thing could kill us, for all we know.” Christian told us, as if we were children.

“What powers could it possibly have?”

“We don’t know, and what if we find out too late? It’s got both vampire and fairy blood, they are both very powerful beings.”

“Fairies are hardly beings, Christian.” My father scolded. “This thing is a monster, yes. But if we kill it, we won’t know what it’s capable of. The humans might get angry. They would want a super-occult, for their armies or whatever it is they need them for. If we destroyed it without finding out, we could lose everything.”


I hated myself for what I was about to suggest, but if I didn’t suggest something they might get suspicious. Jasmine never really told me about her powers, but I did know that she needed to drink blood and eat regular food. I also knew that vampire’s get their strength from blood.

“Well, we could always try starving her. We know that we vampires need blood to power our powers, so maybe if we don’t give her too much blood, she can’t hurt us for the time being, but still keep her alive.” Suggesting we practically starve her was the worst thing I’ve ever done. I felt awful, but I needed to keep her alive. Yes, she’d be weak, but she’d be alive. That’s all I needed.


My father cocked his head at me. I bit my lip nervously and hoped I hadn’t given anything away. But when a small smile crept across his face, I knew I had suggested a good idea. To him anyway.

“Dimitri, that’s brilliant. We’ll have to explain that to Carson.”

“Yes sir.”

“Now, let’s call Carson.” He smiled, while programming what he needed into the remote.


“Hello Bryce.” Carson’s figure popped up on the screen a few seconds later.

“Hello Carson, we’ve got a few updates on the Mutt.” My family explained excitedly.

“Good, let me hear them.”

I tuned them out while my father explained my idea to Carson. Even though I was a part of this, I couldn’t help but be disgusted with them. They were talking about Jasmine as if she were an object, not a living, breathing being. The only reason they were planning on keeping her alive was so they wouldn’t piss off the human government. They only wanted to know about her powers and what she could do with them, and if they could recreate her and form an army.

It really sucked being the only one who actually gave a shit about someone else’s well-being.


6 thoughts on “Jasmine Fae Chapter 12: Caged

  1. Wow… Poor Jasmine. My sim is going to go through some blood and wounds in my next chapter, but not nearly as bad as Jazz. *Sighs* I hope Dimitri can save her soon.

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