Jasmine Fae Chapter 11: What Are You?

A/N Sorry this chapter is short, I didn’t think it needed anything else. Also, I’ve been posting some random Fae Family facts and stuff on my blog. Keep watch, I’ll be posting more in the next day or so.


Tonight was the first night of my boss’s new rule. Dimitri’s idea wasn’t completely fool-proof, but it was our only hope right now. I was doing my best to make myself unattractive, but also provocative enough to not get fired. It was not an easy task. I figured the men would like the girls with the long, flowing hair or the girls with the sassy short hair. So I put mine into a complicated bun/braid style. I’ve heard men like simple hairstyles, and I was hoping what I heard wasn’t false.

I was almost finished getting ready when the front door opened. Since both guys were starting their shift soon, I didn’t know which one it was. Hawthorn hadn’t talked to me since the incident, and I was trying my best to avoid him. I stayed quiet as I heard footsteps enter the apartment, I knew if it was Dimitri he’d be in here soon.


“Hello? Anyone home?” A woman’s voice called out into the apartment. I didn’t recognize her voice, and I freaked out.


I don’t really know why I reacted like I did. I immediately dropped to the floor and covered my face. Whoever was in the house must’ve heard me, I started to whimper like a child when I fell to the floor.


“Are you okay?” I didn’t hear her enter the room, but there she was, leaning against my door.

“W-who are you?” I looked up at her from between my fingers. She was a vampire, with long orange and red hair. She was purple, and her eyes reminded me of someone, I couldn’t quite place them in that moment.

“Sydney Todds, Dimitri’s little sister.” She told me.


“He isn’t home yet.” I pulled myself off the ground after realizing how ridiculous I looked.

“Do you know when he will be?” She asked calmly, as if our interaction wasn’t illegal.

I shook my head. “Aren’t you going to freak out?” I was curious to know why she wasn’t upset that her brother was hiding a hybrid in his spare bedroom.

“Of course not, I’ve known about this for a while now.”



“Yea, Dimitri called me after you arrived. But don’t worry, I’m trustworthy.” She explained with a smile.

“B-but why? Isn’t your father in charge? Why don’t you have the same views as him?”

“None of us do, except Christian. I guess we’re all just tired of living in such an awful place, y’know?” I nodded, it made sense.


“So, Dimitri talks about me?” I couldn’t help but wonder what he said about me.

“Yea, like all the time. He’s pretty fond of you.” She winked, making me blush slightly.


“Yea, probably shouldn’t have said that.” She giggled, not really regretting what she said. Does this mean Dimitri likes me? Do I even like him?

“Uh, he should be home in a few minutes, we have a shift at the bar tonight.” I fiddled with the hem of my tank-top and avoided eye contact. I was already nervous about tonight before she got here.

“Alright, I’ll just wait here.” She smiled at me before flopping down on my bed, leaving me to get ready.



The outfit I wore to work that night was as conservative as I could get without getting in trouble. It was also mismatched and strange, hopefully scaring off the more pretentious patrons. Even my sunglasses were the ugliest pair I could find.

But after an hour of dancing, I realized I was the only girl left dancing. All the others had been taken into the bedrooms. Unfortunately for me, there were still customers watching, and things did not look good for me.


As I was dancing, I noticed a man looking at me intently. I almost fell when I realized who he was. He was the man from my first night here, the one who killed the girl in the alley. As I swung around the pole, I made eye-contact with him on more than one occasion.

When we made eye-contact for more than a few seconds, he gestured at me to come over. My hands started to sweat as I climbed down from the pole and made my way over to him.


“Hey sweet thang.” He grinned at me creepily and grabbed my arm. “You’re coming with me.”

My hands were shaking. There was no way he wouldn’t notice my fear, but I doubt he even cared. I just hoped he wouldn’t get suspicious, and I hoped he would let me keep my glasses on.


He didn’t say anything as he shoved me into the first unoccupied bedroom. My heart was practically pounding out of my chest, I bet he could hear it. I wondered if he would want to drink my blood while we had sex. If he did that, it would kill him. Vampire blood is poisonous to other vampires, and since I’m both, I would guess that my blood is too.

“Sit.” He pushed me hard against the bed, making me almost lose my balance.


“Take your glasses off.” He demanded while he unbuttoned his pants. I gulped, I was completely screwed.

“I-I can’t.”

“What?” He spat angrily.

“I have sensitive eyes.” I lied. It was all I could come up with. His mouth twisted into a snarl.

“I don’t fucking care, take the damn glasses off.” I shook my head. That angered him, and he lunged at me. He threw my glasses off and at the wall. I heard them shatter and fall to the ground.


He threw himself onto me, he hadn’t noticed my eyes yet. I tried to bury my face into the blanket, then he grabbed my head and turned it to face him. Keeping my eyes shut was my last option.

“Open you’re damn eyes, girl.” He snapped. I slowly opened my eyes, once again making eye-contact with the man.

“What the fuck?” He said aloud. “What are you?”

I didn’t answer him. I struggled against him, trying to push him off me. Somehow I managed to throw him off me for a few seconds. It was enough to get off the bed.


I started to run, but I wasn’t fast enough in my heels. The man knocked me off my feet and sent me flying to the ground.

“What the fuck are you?” He was screaming now, if it weren’t for the thumping music from the bar, people would be concerned. I didn’t answer him. I knew it was only making him angrier, but my grave was already dug. I could dig deeper and deeper but I’d still be dead.


The man threw me into the corner of the room. He stood in front of me, blocking me from running out the door. He pulled out his cell phone, and in that moment I knew it was all over. I was a goner.

“Yes, hello? Hi, I’ve got something the vampire council might be interested in.” He spoke into the receiver without even looking back at me. “It’s a vampire fairy hybrid, I’ve never seen anything like it.” There was a pause, then he gave the address to the operator and hung up.

The man didn’t say anything, he just stood there staring at the door anxiously. It was like he was scared to be near me.


“Is this the room with the Mutt?” An officer poked his head into the room not long after the initial call.

“Yes, it’s right here.” He stepped back and pointed at me. The officer ran at me and aggressively pulled me away from the wall.


Without another word, the officer pinned me to the ground and handcuffed me.

I’m not sure what happened next, there was just a loud smack, a sharp pain on the left side of my head, and then blackness.

12 thoughts on “Jasmine Fae Chapter 11: What Are You?

  1. Eek! No!!! Jazz should have lied and be like “These are just contacts”. Dimitri or his sister must come to the rescue. I would be surprised if Hawthorn did though. Hopefully not.

  2. What?! No way! I can’t believe that happened. I was really hoping that something would happen and Jasmine’s powers would kick in and kill the creep…Ok, so not nice, but still, neither is he.
    I really hope that she ends up with Dmitri.
    I can’t wait for the next update! 🙂

  3. I found your story in the forums around 9 pm last night, it is now 7 am, and I just finished reading it from the very beginning! This is a great story! Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  4. OMG no don’t let nothing bad happen, and also if your staying up with mine I have a new chapter out on Save The Past To Keep The Future it’s Chapter 8 and there’s a name Vote for the first baby.

      • Its kool I took a break today from writing this afternoon, I had another Simmer come and ask me to make some poses for their story..

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