Generation 3 Heir Vote!


It’s that time again, time for an heir vote! I’m gonna do it a little differently this time, because I have a basic plot line I want to use no matter which girl becomes heiress. I won’t be explaining that here, instead I’ll be giving you the girls sub-plots, which will happen in the beginning before the main plot.

So without further ado, let me introduce our candidates!



Jasmine “Jazzy” Fae

Traits: Excitable, Disciplined, Rebellious

Occult Type: Vampire/Fairy Hybrid

Current life stage: Child

Lifetime wish: Undetermined

Sub-plot summary: Jasmine is the only one of her kind. Technically speaking, she isn’t even supposed to exist. Hybrid occults aren’t physically possible, yet here she is. Jazzy didn’t even realize she was different until she started school. She was teased mercilessly for her status. Her parents always told her she was special, and that they were just jealous. But Jazzy wouldn’t accept that. She wanted to do something about it. She wanted to make them pay. And after an incident involving her special powers, the kids are terrified of her. Jasmine discovers she’s capable of a lot more than she could’ve imagined. Will this power go to her head? Or will she be able to control it?



Ivy Fae

Traits: Good, Hates the Outdoors

Occult Type: Fairy

Current life stage: Toddler

Lifetime wish: Undetermined

Sub-plot summary: Even though she’s the older of the two, Ivy’s always been living in her twin’s shadow. Iris was athletic, she had perfect grades, and she was extremely popular with the vampires at school. Ivy on the other hand, didn’t have any special talents or abilities. She wasn’t crazy smart like her twin, and she wasn’t as special as her older sister. She was just boring old Ivy. But one day, she’s suddenly given the opportunity to make a name for herself. She could put her name in the history books. But to do this, she has to betray her entire family. Will she do it or will she stay true to the ones who love her?



Iris Fae

Traits: Athletic, Perceptive

Occult Type: Vampire

Current life stage: Toddler

Lifetime wish: Undetermined

Sub-plot summary: Athletic and popular would be the two words anyone would use to describe Iris Fae. She won all her soccer games, she was friends with all the cool vampires, and all the cute boys in school wanted to date her. But she didn’t have time for boys, she was too busy chasing perfection. Perfection is what Iris strives for, all she wants is to be living, breathing perfection. How far will she go to become perfect? Will she go too far?


Alright, so now that you know a little more about the girls, you can vote for your favorite! There might be a chance at a double heirship, but only if its a tie between the twins. Make-up, hairstyles, outfits, and small personality details are subject to change. Nothing here is set in stone.

Also, I’m looking for some good hang-out spot lots, like a cute diner or arcade or something. If you know any lots like that or think you could make one, let me know! I’d love to use them in my story, with full credit to the owners of course 🙂

Now, vote away!

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