Generation 3 Heir Vote!


It’s that time again, time for an heir vote! I’m gonna do it a little differently this time, because I have a basic plot line I want to use no matter which girl becomes heiress. I won’t be explaining that here, instead I’ll be giving you the girls sub-plots, which will happen in the beginning before the main plot.

So without further ado, let me introduce our candidates!



Jasmine “Jazzy” Fae

Traits: Excitable, Disciplined, Rebellious

Occult Type: Vampire/Fairy Hybrid

Current life stage: Child

Lifetime wish: Undetermined

Sub-plot summary: Jasmine is the only one of her kind. Technically speaking, she isn’t even supposed to exist. Hybrid occults aren’t physically possible, yet here she is. Jazzy didn’t even realize she was different until she started school. She was teased mercilessly for her status. Her parents always told her she was special, and that they were just jealous. But Jazzy wouldn’t accept that. She wanted to do something about it. She wanted to make them pay. And after an incident involving her special powers, the kids are terrified of her. Jasmine discovers she’s capable of a lot more than she could’ve imagined. Will this power go to her head? Or will she be able to control it?



Ivy Fae

Traits: Good, Hates the Outdoors

Occult Type: Fairy

Current life stage: Toddler

Lifetime wish: Undetermined

Sub-plot summary: Even though she’s the older of the two, Ivy’s always been living in her twin’s shadow. Iris was athletic, she had perfect grades, and she was extremely popular with the vampires at school. Ivy on the other hand, didn’t have any special talents or abilities. She wasn’t crazy smart like her twin, and she wasn’t as special as her older sister. She was just boring old Ivy. But one day, she’s suddenly given the opportunity to make a name for herself. She could put her name in the history books. But to do this, she has to betray her entire family. Will she do it or will she stay true to the ones who love her?



Iris Fae

Traits: Athletic, Perceptive

Occult Type: Vampire

Current life stage: Toddler

Lifetime wish: Undetermined

Sub-plot summary: Athletic and popular would be the two words anyone would use to describe Iris Fae. She won all her soccer games, she was friends with all the cool vampires, and all the cute boys in school wanted to date her. But she didn’t have time for boys, she was too busy chasing perfection. Perfection is what Iris strives for, all she wants is to be living, breathing perfection. How far will she go to become perfect? Will she go too far?


Alright, so now that you know a little more about the girls, you can vote for your favorite! There might be a chance at a double heirship, but only if its a tie between the twins. Make-up, hairstyles, outfits, and small personality details are subject to change. Nothing here is set in stone.

Also, I’m looking for some good hang-out spot lots, like a cute diner or arcade or something. If you know any lots like that or think you could make one, let me know! I’d love to use them in my story, with full credit to the owners of course 🙂

Now, vote away!

River Fae Chapter 21: Finale


The years were flying by so fast it was hard to register everything that was happening. Jasmine had started school, Ivy and Iris were both walking and talking, and Drea had become the principal of the school. But that’s only scratching the surface.

As the girls grew, so did their personalities. All three girls were so different, it was hard to believe they were sisters.


Jasmine was a very independent little girl. Even though her sisters were older now, she chose to play by herself. Or maybe the twins chose to play with just each other. I’m not entirely sure what happened there, but either way Jasmine played by herself. Sometimes Venus would come over to play, but she was getting older and didn’t want to play as much anymore.


I felt bad for her, I knew she was having a hard time in school, but she refused to talk to me about it. I wanted to help her, I would do anything for any of my girls, but if she didn’t come to me and tell me she needed help there wasn’t much I could do. Drea and I didn’t want to force it out of her, we both knew that would drive her away. We didn’t want that, we wanted our kids to feel like they could come to us for anything.

The teasing probably centered around her mixed status. So far, she was the only hybrid we knew of, so of course that made her an easy target for bullying. Drea and I worried about her status, we weren’t sure what powers she possessed. We’ve heard of young supernaturals having magical outbursts, and we feared that would happen with her. If she got pushed to the edge, there’s no telling what her powers could do.


Despite her trouble with the kids in school, Jazzy had great grades. She always did her homework before going outside to play. But that didn’t mean she didn’t need homework help every once in a while. Drea and I both sucked at math, but lucky for us Aster was a math whiz. He’d always come over and help her with her homework whenever we asked.


As for the twins, they weren’t as easy to deal with as Jazzy. Having twins is a lot harder than having one child. When one cries, the other one cries too. When one is hungry, the other needs a change. It’s difficult, especially during the day when Hydrangea is at work.


But they weren’t just twins. Each girl had a personality of her own, and they were vastly different from each others. Iris was loud and stubborn, but she was also very interested in her reflection. Her favorite thing to do was sit in front of the mirror and cry.


And boy, could she cry. Iris had a strong set of lungs in her, that’s for sure. She could wail so loud it woke up the neighbors. A lot of the time we didn’t know why she was crying, she’d just cry for no reason whenever she felt like it.


Ivy was the exact opposite. She didn’t cry, and we had trouble teaching her to talk. But we soon found out that she could talk, she just chose not to.


Ivy had no problem learning her other skills. She had no trouble walking, and potty training was a breeze with her. Drea and I came to the conclusion that our daughter might just be shy. She didn’t like seeing people outside of her immediate family, while Iris always ran to anyone who entered the house.


Despite her shyness, Ivy had a very kind heart. She always tried to comfort Iris when she cried, but Iris would never let her. She also would try to comfort Jazzy when she was upset, but Jazzy refused to even admit she was upset. It was a little discouraging to Ivy, but she still tried to comfort those around her. I knew she was going to grow up to be a very kind young woman.


The five of us were doing great. My life was as perfect as it could possibly be.

But of course when you least expect it, your past comes back to haunt you.

I found out about it through the news channel. I didn’t know how to respond when I saw her face on the TV screen again.

Clover Lyn had died in prison. She had overdosed on some pills someone snuck into the prison.

I didn’t know how to feel. I hated her for years after what she did. I knew I could never forgive her, but I knew someone who would be torn up over this.


I knew him well enough to know where he’d be.

“Hey Hero, you okay?” I asked, he looked up at me and shook his head.


“Why are you here? After what she did to you and your friends?” His voice was hoarse, it was obvious he’d been crying for a while.

“I’m not here for her. I had a feeling you’d be here, and I wanted to see how you were doing.”

“You’re a good kid, River.”

“Thanks. Are you okay? Do you need anything?”


“No. I’m good, thanks though. I accepted that my little girl’s gone a long time ago. It’s just, now that she really is, it’s a lot harder than I imagined.”

I tried to put myself in his shoes. How would I react if one of my daughters murdered multiple people? I would never stop loving my daughters, no matter what. But it must be hard to love someone when they do something like she did.


“If you do ever need anything, Drea and I will always be here for you, okay?”

“You have a good heart, kid. I should get out of here, it’s not healthy for me to spend so much time here. I’ll see you around.” He patted me on the shoulder and left the cemetery.


After Hero left, I stayed and just stared at her headstone. Part of my was still furious with her, that part of me was glad she had passed. But the other part of me felt sorry for her. She wasn’t well when she did what she did. I knew I couldn’t blame her for what she did.

Another part of me always worried she would break out of prison and come find me. It was a small part, but still a part. I was terrified she would take Drea from me too. But now I didn’t have to worry about that anymore.


It felt wrong, for me to be relieved that someone was dead. Even if that person did horrible things. Was I wrong to feel relieved? I’m not sure, but there was one thing I was sure of.

I wouldn’t be coming back to the cemetery any time soon.

And that’s a wrap!

This generation has been a roller-coaster, for me and for River. I’ve really enjoyed writing his story, and I’m a little sad that it’s over. But, I’m ready to start the next generation. I’m really excited about generation 3, it’s gonna be awesome. I’ll put the heir vote up soon, I can’t wait to see who you choose to take on the Fae family legacy!

River Fae Chapter 20: Yay!



During my lunch hour, I went back to the doctors office. I was getting the test results back today and I was nervous. I know River wanted another baby, and I would hate to disappoint him.

I was trying to steady my nervous breathing when the nurse called out my name.


“The doctor will see you now.” She said without looking up from the screen.

I made my way into the back office and took a seat on the examination table.


Dr. Brink was already seated in the office. “Hello Mrs. Fae, how are you today?”

“Scared. Nervous. The works.” I said.

“I can imagine. Is your husband here?”

“No, he’s at home with our daughter.”

“Oh, well then I guess you’ll just have to explain this to him.”

“Explain what to him?”


“Well, you’re fallopian tubes are damaged, they’re blocked so no eggs can come out and no sperm can come in.” She explained.

“How did that happen?”

“We aren’t sure. We don’t have very advanced medicine here, but there is something we could do.”


“What is it?”

“We can extract some eggs from your ovary and fertilize them outside of the womb, then we can transfer the embryos back into you.”

“Will it work?”

“Most likely.”

“When can we get started?” I was a little nervous, but at least I still had a chance at having another baby.

“As soon as you want, we don’t have many patients around this part of the hospital.”

“I’ll bring my husband by later then.”



*A couple weeks later*


I was back in the doctors office waiting room with Jazzy, waiting for Drea’s procedure to be done. She was getting an embryo transfer today. I wasn’t entirely comfortable with the whole lab-baby thing, but if that was the only thing that would work, I’d suck it up and do it. I had to give a… sample… which was highly uncomfortable. But it was about to be over, and Drea and I would be having another baby.


“Hey.” Drea’s voice pulled me away from my book. I jumped up and ran towards her.


“How’d it go?” I wrapped my arms around her tightly.

“It went okay. We’ll find out if they attached in a few weeks.” She hugged me back even tighter.

“Now we wait?”

“Now we wait.”


“No matter what happens, I love you, okay? It doesn’t matter if we have another baby or not, that won’t change how much I care about you.”

“God River, you are amazing.”

“I really mean it, Drea.”



It wasn’t long before Drea started to get morning sickness. She wasn’t too upset though, we both knew this meant she was pregnant. To say we were excited was an understatement. We were ecstatic. The new baby was our second main topic of discussion, next to Jasmine and her antics.


She did take a pregnancy test, just to be sure it was actually happening. When the test came out positive, I don’t think either of us have ever been so excited. We were finally having another baby.

This pregnancy went a lot faster than the first. Her stomach was also growing rapidly, I didn’t remember it going to quickly with Jazzy.


As the months went on, Drea was spending more and more time with Jazzy. She wanted to make sure Jazzy knew she was loved, so she wouldn’t get too upset when the new baby arrived.

I snuck into the nursery one morning when Drea was getting Jazzy up for the day.

“Hey pumpkin, are you excited for your little sibling?” She cooed.

“Ya mama.” Jazzy giggled and grabbed her mother’s face. “When will dey be here?”

“Soon, I promise.”


“Mama is it a boy or a girl?”

“Can I tell you a secret? You can’t tell daddy, okay?” Drea whispered to Jazzy.

“I won’t.” She whispered back.

“Now we’re keeping secrets from Daddy?” I asked, making both of them gasp.

“Nope.” Drea laughed and put Jasmine down to go play.

“It sounded like it.” I closed the space between us and wrapped my arms around her.


“What is this secret we’re keeping from daddy?”

“Well, I got an ultrasound yesterday.”

“Really? Do you know the gender?” I asked excitedly.

“I know the genders.”

“Genders? As in multiple?” I asked nervously.

“Yup. We’re having twin girls.”


“Really? Twins? This is amazing Drea.” I laid my hand on her stomach and she nodded. I was excited, first we couldn’t have another kid and now we were having two.  “Well it looks like we’ll be getting two cribs today instead of just one.”

“Yea. Do you think it’ll be too cramped in here?”

“Nah. The room is big enough for the three of them.”


We went out to the baby furniture store later on that day and picked up two more cribs. The room was a little cramped, but it wasn’t too bad. It made the room feel complete.



I thought we still had time before the twins came, Drea’s due date wasnt for another few weeks. But of course, timing wasn’t always a friend of mine.


“River, River wake up.” Drea’s strained voice shook me out of my sleep.

“Babe, what’s wrong?” I asked, rubbing my eyes.

“I think it’s time.” She said while climbing out of bed.


“Oh yea,” She clutched her stomach, “It’s definitely time.”


I hate to admit it, but I panicked.



Despite my panicking, Drea and I brought two beautiful girls home the next day.


The first twin born was Ivy. She was given one of the names Drea initially came up with when we were discussing names for Jasmine. She had tufts of blue hair, the same shade as Tulip’s. It made me a little sad, but I was also kinda glad that a little piece of her was living on in my daughter. Ivy was born with dark, purple skin, a few shades darker than my fathers. Ivy was a fairy, and only a fairy. She was absolutely perfect.


The other twin born was named Iris, after Drea’s mother. She had Drea’s hair and the same skin shade as mine. She was also born with only one occult state, except she was a vampire like me.

Both girls were completely perfect. Our little family was finally complete.


“Daddy, what’s dis?” Jazzy asked as soon as she noticed her new sisters.

“They’re your new sisters. That’s Iris.” I explained.

“Iwis?” She asked, and I nodded.


“Can I pway wit dem?”

“Not yet, they’re still too little.”

“Oh.” She said sadly, making my heart break for her.

“Hey, I can play with you if you’d like.” I offered, and her face lit up like a Christmas tree.



“Daddy, why are dey so small?” She asked as soon as we sat down in front of her block toy.

“They’re very young, you were once that size too.” I said, and she gasped.

“I was?”

“Yup. And soon, they’ll be as big as you are now!”


“Den we can pway togeter?”

“Yea, then you can play together.” I laughed as she clapped excitedly.


River Fae Chapter 19: Don’t Be Mad


The months were flying by, and before we knew it Jasmine was one year old. She was growing so fast I felt like if I blinked, I would miss everything and she’d be moving out tomorrow. She was becoming a bit of a handful now that she was getting older, but it was nothing Drea and I couldn’t handle. Just a lot of tantrums, and throwing her teddy bears. We hoped it was just a phase. 


Drea was working and I was home with Jazzy as usual. I was trying to get her to start walking, but so far it wasn’t working.


“She’s pretty stubborn.” Drea laughed from behind me, making me jump.

“What’re you doing home so early?”

“It was a half day today, I totally forgot about it.”

“Oh, that’s awesome.” I tried to urge Jazzy towards me but she just plopped right back down on the ground.

“Hey, can we talk outside for a second?” She asked nervously.

“Sure, is everything okay?”

“Yea, everything’s fine.” She answered before walking out of the nursery.


“Hey, babe what’s up?” I closed the balcony door behind me. She looked upset, and I hated it when she was upset.


“River, I wanna ask you something and you gotta promise not to get mad, and it’s totally okay if you say no, I just have to ask.”

“Of course Drea, you can ask me anything.”

“I wanna have another baby. I know we have our hands full with Jazzy, but I want more than one kid and I don’t want them to be too far apart in age.”

“Really? You want another baby? Why would I get mad at you for that?”

“I don’t know, I just thought you’d be upset since Jazzy is being a pain lately and you’d have to watch over her and the new baby during the day.”

“I’m not mad, I’d love to have another baby with you.” I smiled at her. I’ve been wanting another one for a while now, but I wasn’t sure if she wanted one too. She was the one who had to carry it for nine months, so I let her come to me.


She squealed an jumped into my arms. “I can’t wait, I love you River.”

I sat her down on the railing and kissed her. “I love you too.” I scooped her into my arms and said, “Well, we should probably get started on this baby right away.”


“Yea, sounds like a good idea.” She laughed. “Will Jazzy be okay in there alone for a while?”

“Don’t worry, I just put her down for her nap.”

“Oh, good.” She smirked as I carried her into the bedroom.


“Let’s try for a boy this time, okay?” She asked.

“I don’t think we can control that, babe.”




It’s been a few months since River and I started trying for another child. We were getting a little worried, since it was so easy to conceive the first time. So I made a doctors appointment to make sure everything was okay.

“Hey Jazzy, there’s a block table, wanna go play with it.” She nodded at me excitedly and ran off for the toys.

“I’ll keep an eye on her, you go check in.” River grabbed a book from the shelf and took a seat next to the block table.


“Hi, I’m here for my nine-thirty appointment with Doctor Brink.”

“Name please?” The bored looking young nurse asked.

“Hydrangea Fae.”

“Alright, you can take a seat, she’ll be with you in a minute.” She smiled at me.


I took a seat next to River and sighed. “Babe, I’m nervous. What if we can’t have another baby?”

“Hey, don’t think like that. Let’s wait and hear what that doctor has to say before we get ourselves worked up, okay?” He always knew exactly what to say to make me feel better.

“Yea, you’re right. I’m probably just working myself up over nothing.”

“Everything’s gonna be okay, I promise.”


“Mrs. Fae? The doctor will see you now.” I stood up and walked over to the nurse.


“Right this way.” She led me into a hallway and handed me a folded hospital gown. “Here, put this on. She’s going to be doing a full examination.”


When I finished changing into the gown, I took a seat on the examination table. My hands were clammy and shaky, I was extremely nervous. I’ve always been weary of doctors after hearing the horrible stories Basil told me about the doctors who tested him. I know they were human and the doctor I was seeing wasn’t, but still. I couldn’t help but be a little freaked out. There was also the fact that I could be finding out I can’t have any more children, which was terrifying in itself. So yea, I was pretty damn nervous.


“Mrs. Fae? Hi, I’m Dr. Brink. How are you today?” An older vampire with pink hair came into the room.

“Nervous.” I admitted.

“That’s normal.” She told me as she took a seat.


“So, what seems to be the problem?”

“My husband and I are having trouble conceiving. We’ve been trying for months and nothing yet.”

“Do you have any other children?” She asked as she started writing something in the folder on the counter.

“One. She’s about fifteen months.”

“Alright, let’s get this examination started.” She pulled on a pair of rubber gloves and snapped the wrist. I couldn’t help but gulp out of nervousness.



“Well, there’s not much I can tell you today. It’s gonna take at least a week until we get your test results back.” Dr. Brink told me after the examination.

“You can’t tell me anything?” I asked. I was shocked, I was hoping to get some answers today.

“Not yet. But you can come in next week when I get the test results back.”

“Alright. Thanks doctor.” I said, trying to hide my disappointment.

“Of course, Hun. See you next week.” She left the room, leaving me to change back into my clothes.


When I walked back into the waiting room, River immediately shut his book and stood up.

“Hey, how’d it go?”


I threw myself into his arms as soon as I got close enough to him. “We won’t know anything until we get the test results, which won’t be until next week.” I buried my face in his shoulder. I felt like I was about to cry.

“Shh, it’s okay. A week isn’t that long. We’ll have the results before you know it.” He lightly rubbed circles on my back, calming me down slightly.

“I’m so worried. I just want another baby.”

“I know, I do too.” He kissed my cheek. “Let’s try and distract ourselves, okay? How about we invite Fern and Venus over?”

“Yea, okay.”




Fern came over with Venus a few minutes after we got home from the doctors. Drea was upset, and I wanted to distract her. She got along well with my sister, and she was just across the street.

“Hey guys, come on in.” I invited the two of them inside.

“Hey, thank god you called. Venus has been bugging me to come over here since she woke up this morning.” Fern laughed. Little Venus grabbed a strand of my sister’s hair and pulled it lightly, signaling her to take her to her cousin. Venus was shy around me, she never said a word if she knew I was in the room.”Oh, let me take her upstairs real quick.”


Venus was a bit older than Jazzy, but the two were extremely close. Jasmine’s first word was Venus, Drea wasn’t too happy about that.

The two of them looked more like sisters than cousins. Whenever Fern and I took them out together, people would mistake them for sisters. They had a strong bond, and I was extremely grateful. If Drea and I couldn’t have another baby, at least she’d have her cousin.


“So, I hear you guys are having trouble conceiving again?” Fern asked when she sat down in the living room.

“How did you know that? We haven’t told anyone.” Drea was surprised, she often forgot that Fern had multiple sixth-sense abilities.

“I have a gift dear, I know a lot of things I shouldn’t know.”


“Do you know if we’ll be able to conceive again?” She asked hopefully.

“I do.”

“Can you tell me?”

“I could, but what I know isn’t definite. The future isn’t set in stone, and I’m afraid if I give away too much information I could change it.” She explained.

“Eh, it was worth a shot.”


“Don’t worry about it too much, you’ll stress yourself out. Stress can decrease your chances of conception. Maybe you just need a nice spa day, a little relaxation goes a long way.”

“Are you speaking from a sixth-sense point of view or from a friendly point of view?”

“I’m speaking from experience. I was so stressed out when Palm and I were trying to conceive. All it took was a nice couple spa day then bam, we were having a baby.”


“You know, that actually sounds like a great idea. If the test results come back okay next week, then you and I should go to the spa.” She said to me. It didn’t exactly sound like my thing, but I’d be willing to go if it meant another baby.

“Alright, well if that does happen, Fern would you be able to take Jazzy for the night?”

“I’d love too, Venus has been bugging me to have a sleepover with her.”


“You sure you’ll be able to handle the two of them? When they’re together they can be quite a handful.” Drea warned.

“I know, but I’ll deal.”


“Besides Drea, she’s got Palm, his brother, and his parents. I think she’ll be fine.”

“I sure hope so.” Drea said, making us all laugh.

River Fae Chapter 18: Second Chances


Jasmine was the greatest thing that ever happened to Hydrangea and I. She was such an amazing baby, neither of us wanted to leave her. But Drea started working at the elementary school, and I started taking night shifts at the bookstore so one of us could be with her at all times. We didn’t want to hire a babysitter or a nanny, we were extremely protective of our baby.

But we couldn’t keep her to ourselves forever. Mom was begging me to come over, she was dying to meet her first granddaughter, and she was so hard to say no to.


My parents came over about a week after Jazzy was born. They brought Aster with them, and I was excited to try and get to know my nephew better.


“How are you guys?” I asked my mom after I greeted them at the door.

“We’re doing okay.” She smiled tightly then turned to Drea with a huge grin. “So, where’s my little granddaughter?”

The girls headed upstairs to visit with the baby, and Dad and I headed for the video game system that Aster was already setting up.


“Hey, what’s up kiddo?” I asked as I sat down next to Aster.

“You have a lot of video games.” he stated without looking away from the TV screen.

“Yea, I’ve been collecting since I was your age.”

“You’re old.” He said, and Dad laughed.


“Hey, I’m not that old.” I picked up my own controller and joined him. “You are so on. Dad, wanna join?”

“Sure, why not.” He laughed and grabbed the remaining controller.


“I’m gonna destroy both of you.” Aster threatened.

“I’d love to see you try.”




“Oh my god Drea, she’s gorgeous.” Primrose carefully lifted Jazz from her crib.

“Thank you.”


“Hi sweetheart. I’m your Gamma.” She said in a baby voice. Jazzy cooed, and snuggled against Prim’s shoulder.


“How are you guys doing?” She asked when she turned to me.

“We’re doing good, we’ve developed a system, and it’s been working so far.”

“Good, that’s good. Are you guys nervous?”

“About being parents? Yea, I guess you could say that.” I admitted. I was terrified of messing up, but I guess all parents feel like that at some point.


“No, that’s normal sweetheart. I was talking about her… status.” She hesitated, and suddenly I understood what she was saying. She was worried about Jasmine’s mixed occult status.

“Oh. Yea, I’m nervous. But the doctors said not to worry, it was bound to happen eventually, now that vampires and Fae are interacting.

“I know, but I’m a little worried. Technically speaking, she shouldn’t even exist. Hybrid occults aren’t supposed to happen.” I was a little offended, but she did have a point. We always learned that it was physically impossible.


“I know. But it happened, so now what?”

“Well, we don’t know what kind of power she has. There’s a number of possibilities. She could have extremely heightened powers from both states, or she could have extremely dull powers.”

“Which would be better?”

“The dull powers. If she’s too strong, people will get scared. And when people get scared of someone, the do terrible things. We need to watch out for this one.” She said, snuggling Jazzy close to her.

“What do we do?”

“All we can do is wait.”




“Are you serious?” Dad whined when Aster beat the both of us.

“I told you I was gonna destroy you.” He laughed.

“Yea, yea, whatever.” I brushed it off, I was pretty embarrassed to get my ass handed to me by a six year old boy, but I didn’t let them know that.


“I’m bored.” Aster tossed his controller onto the coffee table. “Do you have anything fun around here?”

“We just got some new playground stuff put in the backyard, wanna go test it out?”


He was running out the back door before I could even get off the couch.

“Watch out for that one, he may seem sweet but that’s how he reels you in.” Dad said as he was starting a new game.

“He can’t be that bad.” He’s just a kid, he can’t be that terrible, right?


He was already up in the tree house by the time I got outside. “Hey kiddo, how’s the tree house?”

“It’s so awesome!” He yelled back, before disappearing inside it.


I took a seat at the picnic table and made sure he didn’t get hurt. The kid was still a little hostile towards me, but it definitely wasn’t as bad as the first time we met. He was a pretty good kid, and he deserved a better mother than my sister. Poppy had willingly given custody to our parents and now no one knew where she went. Dad thinks she’s with her latest boyfriend, who’s a part of the crime circle in the bad part of town.

The poor kid didn’t have either of his parents in his life. But t least he had my parents, which were probably better than his actual parents anyway. But still, people want their biological parents in their life in one way or another. I know I did.


“Hey, Uncle River, come over here.” Aster called, breaking me away from my thoughts.


“Hey bud, what’s up?”


He stuck his head back into the tree house, and was confused. Why would he call me over here if he didn’t want something?

But I realized too late what he was about to do.


Somehow, he’d gotten a bucket full of water up there. He emptied the entire thing onto my head, in the middle of winter. He was so gonna get it.



“No. You’re not the boss of me.”

“Fine, then I’ll go get someone who is.” I felt like a child, but I didn’t exactly know how to handle a situation like this.


“Oh my gosh, River what happened?” My mom asked when I came storming inside.

“Aster.” I said before heading for the shower upstairs.




“I’ll go talk to him.” Jeremy laughed before heading outback. I felt bad for River, but it was kinda funny.

“God, that kid is gonna be the death of me.” Prim said with a small laugh. “Hopefully Jazzy won’t be so difficult.”

“I hope so too.” We laughed, and Jeremy came back with Aster in tow.


“Jasmine is getting fussy, I’ll take her upstairs.” Primrose said as soon as they took a seat.

“Am I in trouble?” Aster asked.

“Yes, that wasn’t nice, bud.”

“It was just a joke!”


“It wasn’t very funny.” Jeremy scolded, making Aster roll his eyes and look at me.

“Aunt Drea, did you think it was funny?” He asked. It made my heart soar to hear him call me his aunt. I honestly never thought I’d be an aunt after I lost Tuli.

“I can’t answer that.” I glanced at Jeremy, who was biting his cheek to keep from laughing.


“Am I allowed to come back here?”


“Of course, It’s fine with me, but all you gotta do is apologize to your uncle.” I hoped I was saying the right thing, I honestly didn’t know much about disciplining a child.


“We’ll have him call later.” Jeremy smiled at me, and I knew I said the right thing. “We should get going, Aster’s got a soccer game later.”


“Can I come back in the summer? I really wanna try out that water slide.” He asked.

“Of course, we’d love to have you over.”


“Thanks Aunty, I can’t wait!” He cheered.

“Of course. Good luck at your game today.” I added, and gave him a hug goodbye.

It felt great to be an aunt.



*Two months later*


Drea and I were finally comfortable with having a babysitter, so we decided the first thing we’d do was get married. Mom did most of the planning, but there wasn’t much to plan. We were just having a small wedding with some family. Not everyone could make it due to work or other commitments, and we didn’t really mind. We knew that they’d be here if the could, and that’s all that really mattered.

Drea looked absolutely gorgeous in her dress. As she walked down the aisle towards me, I felt like my chest was going to explode. I really, really loved her. And now I was about to marry her.


“Hi.” She whispered when she reached the arch.

“Hi.” I said back. We stood the for a second, just staring at each other. I wanted to remember every second of this day.

“We should probably get started.” She laughed.

“You can go first.”


“Okay, well um River, honestly when I met you I didn’t think much of you. You were important to my organization, but back then I didn’t realize how important you would become to me personally. But I’m so glad you’re in my life now. You’ve given me so much. A second chance at happiness, a home, and a daughter. The least I could do is give you my hand in marriage.” Both of us were tearing up as she slid the ring onto my finger.


“I remember getting that first call from you, asking me to help you with the case. In all honesty, I almost didn’t answer. I had no idea how much that one call would change my life. We’ve both been through a lot, but now we have each other, and we never have to go through anything alone. I want to make you the happiest woman in the world, because you’ve already made me the happiest man.” I slid her ring onto her finger, and now everyone was bawling.


“I love you, Hydrangea Fae.”

“I love you too, River Fae.”


We shared our first kiss as husband and wife, and it was absolutely magical.


Everyone cheered as we pulled apart. I grabbed her hand and squeezed it.

I couldn’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her.

River Fae Chapter 17: Someone Special


Maple and Carrot found a house about twenty minutes from ours, and they were moving out today. Hydrangea was extremely moody lately and today was no exception. She hung from my brothers neck, refusing to let go.

“I’m gonna miss you too much.” She was practically sobbing.

“I’m gonna miss you too, but you guys are starting a family. You don’t need your future brother’s in law living in your only other bedroom. I promise, we’re gonna visit all the time.” Carrot soothed her.


“Hey man, I’m gonna miss having you in the room next door. We’ve been living together for so long, you’re practically a brother to me. And after I propose to him tonight, we’ll be one step closer to becoming actual brothers.” Maple told me quietly as he hugged me goodbye.

“You’re gonna propose?”

“Yea, I bought the ring last weekend.” He smiled shyly. “I really hope he says yes.”

“He will, he loves you.” I assured him. I knew Carrot would say yes, he told me the other day he wanted to propose to Maple.

“I sure hope so.” He hugged me again. “You better call us as soon as she goes into labor. We wanna be there for you guys the whole time.”

“Thanks man, we definitely will.”


“Hey, Drea, how about you and I go shopping this weekend? I wanna get something for you and the baby.” Carrot offered.

“I’d love to.” She clung to his jacket even harder than before.

“Love, their truck is here. We kinda need him to help us load the truck.” I came up behind her and laid my palm on the small of her back.

“Oh. Sorry.”

“It’s fine. C’mon guys, let’s get this truck loaded.” Between the three of us, it only took a few trips to load all their boxes onto the truck. Soon the two of them were driving off to their new place.


“You know, he’s gonna propose tonight.” I told Drea after the truck rounded the corner.

“Carrot? Yea, I know. He told me.”

“No, I was talking about Maple.” I laughed, Drea did too.

“Well, I can’t wait to hear that story.” She chuckled.



“Hey Love, maybe you should take a break. We’ve been working for hours.” It’s been about a month after Maple and Carrot moved out, and we were currently transforming their old room into a nursery. We found out we were having a girl, only ONE girl, thank god. Now that we knew the gender, we could decorate the nursery accordingly.

“I’m pregnant, not dying. I can work just fine. But it doesn’t matter, I’m done now.”


“You did an amazing job.” I planted a nice big kiss on her lips.

“Thanks Babe, but don’t forget you helped too.”

“I know, but you picked out all the furniture and the colors. If I had this place would’ve looked awful.”

“True.” She laughed and pressed her growing stomach against me.

“Oh my god, did she just kick?” I asked after feeling a small movement against my own stomach.

“I think she did, maybe she’ll do it again.”


I laid my hand against her, trying to feel the tiny kick again.

“I can’t feel anything.” I frowned. That was the first kick I felt, and I wanted to feel my baby move again. Every time she kicked before, Drea would call me but by the time I got to her Jazzy stopped kicking. It was frustrating.

“It’s okay, you’ll feel her kick soon.” She reassured me.


“Hey Jazzy, will you kick for Daddy after he asks Mommy a question?” I spoke to her belly in a baby voice, making Drea stare at me funny.

“Ask me a question?”

“Yea.” I said, as I lower myself to one knee.


“River, what’re you doing?”

“Shh, let me talk for a sec.” I grabbed her hand and held it tenderly. “When we met, I had no idea how much you would end up meaning to me. We’ve been through a lot together, but this is only the beginning. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Drea. So, Hydrangea Blu, will you marry me?”


I pulled out the ring box from the pocket of my overalls and opened it up for her. She covered her mouth in surprise.

“Oh my god.” She whispered.

“We don’t have to get married yet, we can wait until a few months after the baby is born.” I suggested.

“Oh my god, yes. Yes!” She yelled excitedly. Thank god. I thought to myself. I was so worried she would say no. I don’t know why, but I guess every guy worries about that when proposing.


“I love you, River.” She threw her arms around my as soon as I pulled myself off the ground.

“I love you too.” She pulled back a little so we were facing each other.

“Hey babe,” She said about a minute into our embrace, “could you run out and get me some frozen yogurt?” She asked.

“Of course.” I laughed.



Drea’s due date was quickly approaching, and we were getting anxious. We had everything prepared for the arrival of our little girl, and we both wanted her out as soon as possible. Drea was having a lot of back pain and ankle swelling, and I hated to see her in pain.  We were both hoping Jazzy would come out soon.


I tried to distract the both of us with video games, and it usually always worked. Drea was extremely competitive and once she got started it was hard to get her to stop. But she was growing so restless even video games wouldn’t distract her.


“How much longer do you think it’s gonna take?” She sighed and paused the video game.

“Not much longer. It should be any day now.” I assured her, her due date was tomorrow so it couldn’t be too long before she went into labor.

“Blah. It’s taking too long.”

“Be patient, love. I promise it’s all gonna be worth it.”

“Yea, whatever. I think I’m gonna go take a nap.” She slowly lifted herself off the couch, swatting my hand away when I tried to help.


“Call out for me if you need me, okay?” I added before she started climbing the stairs.

“Yea, I know. Love you.”

“Love you too, Drea. Have a nice nap.”


I got back to my video game as soon as Drea safely climbed the stairs. Once the baby comes, I know I won’t have much time to play video games, so I tried to enjoy it as much as possible.

But I didn’t have much time to play.


“River! It’s time!”



Jasmine Tulip Fae was born eight hours later. She was gorgeous, she already had little tufts of hair, the same wine hue as my own. She had a skin color similar to my mothers, and she had her green eyes. But still, she was a perfect balance between Drea and I.

You see, our little Jasmine was the first vampire-fairy. She had vampire eyes and fairy sparkles, the first ever to be born with two supernatural powers. Our daughter was beautiful, and we both knew she would grow up to be someone really special.


Drea took Jazzy up to our room as soon as she got home. We were all exhausted, and they were both asleep by the time I got upstairs.

In that moment, my heart swelled. I’ve never loved anyone like I loved the two girls sleeping in my bed.

It had to be the happiest night of my life.

River Fae Chapter 16: Game Plan


I stood there, just staring at her for a good two minutes. Pregnant? We were always so careful, I didn’t think this would happen. I didn’t think I was ready to be a father. I had a part time job at a bookstore, that’s not gonna support a baby and Drea. Where would we live? I couldn’t ask Maple and Carrot to move out, I’d have to move out. I didn’t have enough money for a new place. Or baby stuff.

“River? Oh god, you are mad. I’m so sorry. You don’t have to be involved if you want. I can raise it on my own, you won’t even have to pay support. I’m so sorry.” She started rambling.

“Hey, I’m not mad. Just shocked. And extremely nervous.” I laughed.

“You’re not mad?” She beamed.

“Of course not. Why would I be mad?”


“Oh thank god. I really didn’t wanna do this alone.” She threw her arms around me and buried her face in my shoulder.

“How far along are you?”

“About two months.” She told me. We’ve been seeing each other for about four months, so there was no doubt this baby was mine.

“So, we’ve got a lot to work out.”

“Yea, but I’m so glad we’re doing this together.”

“Me too.” I smiled at her.


“I love you, Drea.” This was the first time I’ve ever told her that I loved her. I’ve been wanting to say it for a while, but it never felt like the right time. But now it did.

“I love you too, River.” She said it back, and I couldn’t help but kiss her as passionately as I could.



“So, what’s our plan?” Drea came over the next day to work everything out.

“Well, I’d really like us to live together. Like as soon as possible. I want to be there for you throughout the whole thing.” My real father wasn’t around when my mom was pregnant with me, and I wanted to be the opposite. I wanted to make sure her pregnancy was as comfortable as possible.

“Well, my apartment is way too small for one person, let alone three. I was thinking maybe, could we live here? It already has a tree house, it’s perfect to raise a child here.”

“I know, but I can’t just ask Maple and Carrot to leave. They don’t have anywhere else to go.”


“Well then we can help them find a place. We still have time before the baby comes, we could all live here for a few months while we find them a place. They’re pretty good friends, I bet they’d like sharing a place.” She smiled. “It’s all gonna work out.”

“I hope they don’t get mad, I know they like this place.”

“They can visit anytime they like.” The more she talked, the better this sounded. I didn’t really wanna kick them out, but I also really wanted a family. Drea’s plan sounded like a great one.

“Well, the boys are downstairs. Maybe we should get their say in this before we make any decisions.” I suggested.


I helped her off the ground and wrapped my arms around her waist.

“Sounds like a good idea.” She draped her arms around my neck and kissed me cheek. “By the way, there’s no way I’m wearing a wedding dress while I’m pregnant.” She whispered in my ear before leaving the room.

I was glad we were on the same page, I wanted to wait until after our baby was born to get married. But of course, I have to ask her to marry me first…



“Thanks for your attentions guys, this is really important.” Drea was nervous, I was the only person she’d told about the pregnancy so far.

“No problem Drea.” Maple waved her off with a smile.

“Well, I guess I’ll just cut to the chase. I’m pregnant.” There was silence for a few seconds, Maple and Carrot’s expressions were completely blank.

“And we were wondering if Drea could move into the master with me, and you guys could share the second bedroom.” I broke the silence, it didn’t seem like anyone else was going to.


“So, are you guys going to want the room for a nursery?” Maple asked.

“Only if you guys don’t mind. We can help you guys find a place.” I offered. Maple looked at Carrot, and Carrot gave him a small nod.


“That sounds like a great idea.” He beamed. “But, Carrot and I have an announcement of our own.”

“You do?” Drea said exactly what I was thinking. What could they possibly have to announce?

“Well, um, we’ve been dating. For a while now. Probably as long as you guys have.” Maple smiled nervously, and Carrot avoided eye contact. Dating? I had no idea, they were pretty good at hiding it. I didn’t even know my brother was into guys, he never said anything to me. But if anyone was gonna date my brother, I’m glad it’s my best friend.


“Yea, we started dating right after your first F.R.O. meeting. So yea, we don’t mind sharing a room for a while.” Carrot stood up and pulled Maple to him. They did make a cute couple.

“I knew it!” Drea whispered quietly, so only I could hear. I laughed and shook my head, I guess I was just oblivious.


After Maple and Carrot broke out of their own little world, congratulations were in order. They were excited to be uncles, and Drea and I were excited that they were happy.

It was a great day.


Screenshot-3664 Screenshot-3665

Drea moved in a little while later. We bought Maple and Carrot their own bed, and she brought hers from her apartment. She and I had some decorating disagreements, but we finally came to a compromise. I could keep the wallpaper, and she got to take down my sports posters and put her own things up. It wasn’t that big of a deal, hopefully I’ll be able to give them to my kid one day.

Maple and Carrot have been house hunting for a while, but they haven’t found anything they really liked. It seemed like they were looking at a different house every day. Today was one of those days when they were both out.


Drea wasn’t showing yet, but the baby was our main topic of discussion. Right now, we were watching a random movie I borrowed from Carrot. It was a terrible movie, but we didn’t care, we weren’t really watching.

“So, I know it’s early, but I wanna decide on two names early on. I hate when people try and give me suggestions now, who knows how bad it’ll get when I start to show.” Drea rubbed her stomach idly.

“Well, do you have an specific names you wanna run by me?” I had a suggestion, but I wanted to hear her ideas first.

“Well, for a girl, my mom always loved the name Ivy. She said if she had a third child, she would’ve named her that.”

“It’s nice, but I don’t think it’ll go with my idea for a middle name.”


“Oh? And what’s your idea for a middle name?” She adjusted her position and placed my hand on her belly.

“If it’s a girl, I was thinking her middle name could be Tulip.” I suggested nervously. It was the first time I’d said her name since the incident.

“I think that’s a great idea.” She beamed. I knew she missed her sister, and I think this would be a great tribute to her.

“Alright, so we’ve got a girl middle name. How about a first name? Or a boy name?”

“How about Huckleberry? We could call him Huck for short.”

“I love it.” I smiled at her, she looked really beautiful that day. “Huckleberry Fae, how adorable.”

“And for a girl, I was thinking Orchid, or maybe Azalea?”


“Those are both beautiful names, but I just thought of one that would work perfectly with the middle name we chose.” She shifted positions again, and laid her head in my lap.

“Let’s hear it.”

“I’ve always liked the name Jasmine. We could call her Jazz or Jazzy for short.”

“Jasmine Tulip Fae. I love it.” She laughed. “Huck and Jazz. How cute. If only we were having twins.” She joked.

“Yea, if only.” I laughed anxiously. I was terrified of having one child, and the thought of two at once was overwhelming.

Let’s cross our fingers and hope for a single birth…