Generation 2 Heir Vote!

Hey! Prim’s gen is gonna be wrapping up soon, so I need you all to choose who’s gonna take over for her. Thank you for reading this story, it means so much to me that people actually want to read what I write. Also, sorry that the plot summaries are kinda lame. I couldn’t really say what I wanted without spoilers, so I hope that doesn’t affect your decision.

So, we’ve only got two candidates, so hopefully you don’t have a hard time choosing.


Name: River Fae

Traits: Heavy Sleeper, Athletic, Eccentric, Good

Occult Type: Vampire

Current life stage: Teen

Lifetime wish: Undetermined (It’ll probably be Paranormal Profiteer.)

Plot Summary: River Fae has always had a fascination with death. He likes to hang out in the town cemetery, and he wants to know if there’s life after death. One night when he’s out when he shouldn’t be, he makes a shocking discovery. River can see ghosts. Not only can he see them, he can also communicate with them. When he discovers the graves of his grandparents, they tell him things he never knew about his family. Will River’s gift become a problem? What will his girlfriend think?


Name: Poppy Fae

Traits: Loves the Heat, Easily Impressed, Mean Spirited

Occult Type: Fairy

Current life stage: Child

Lifetime wish: Undetermined

Plot Summary:  Poppy Fae is hot, and she knows it too. All of her life, she’s gotten exactly what she wanted. Not from her parents, because in her eyes they favor her brother. No, she got what she wanted from the kids at school. They gave her all the attention she could’ve ever wanted. She was the hottest, most popular girl in school. But when high school is over, so is her popularity. Poppy will do anything, and she means anything, to get attention like that again. Even if it means risking her life, and the fate of her entire family.



Choose wisely 😉 I’ll keep voting open for at least a week, maybe longer if I don’t get enough votes.

*Hair, outfits, makeup and facial hair are subject to change*


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