Primrose Fae Chapter 5: New Arivals


Being pregnant wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t enjoyable either.  I was tired, I was fat and I was eating way too much. I couldn’t wear my regular clothes anymore, and had to settle for the maternity clothes Chrissy had bought me. Unfortunately they don’t make punk rock maternity clothes so I was stuck looking like a fat old women. There was also the fact that this child could end up a vampire, something I have little experience with.

But there were upsides to being pregnant. I didn’t have to work anymore, the band didn’t want me to put any strain on the baby. I could just sit at home and watch movies with Chrissy.


I spent a lot of my time reading too. I was never an avid reader, the only books provided to me as a teen were in Simlish, and I wasn’t fluent in it enough to read it. But now that I was, I read whenever I could. The book I was currently reading was a pregnancy book. I had to skip the first chapter though, because that was about getting pregnant. Do people really need a book for that kind of thing? I sure didn’t.

Besides that, I did learn a lot about what I was going through and what was to come. It didn’t look pretty at all. I wasn’t exactly excited to give birth. Thank god I would have the best midwife in the business.


“She says she enjoys kicking your bladder!” Chrissy laughed as she listened to my bump.

“How do you know it’s a she?” I questioned. Secretly I was hoping for a boy. I had no idea how to deal with teenage girls, and I certainly didn’t want to do it alone.

“I can feel it.” she giggled.

“I hope its a boy, I’m tired of being out numbered!” Hero joked. Now that Vance was gone, Hero was the only guy in our group. Well, besides the cat.


“Well are you gonna find out?” she rested her hand on my stomach.

“I’d rather keep it a surprise.” I admitted. I didn’t want to find out, because things like that should be shared between the parents.

“Then how are we going to decorate the nursery?” I laughed, of course Chrissy would worry about decorations.

“It’s gonna be blue of course. It’s a pretty neutral color.”

“But what if its a girl?” she exclaimed.

“A baby isn’t gonna care about the color of the room.” Hero and I laughed and Chrissy rolled her eyes.


“Well Hun, we’ve got a date to go on, call me if you need me.” she hugged me and took Hero’s hand. “We’ll be back later!”




“Hero, what are we doing here?” I asked. He had taken me to the beach down the mountain from our house.

“The beach is pretty at night.” He smiled.

“But it’s cold.” I whined. He laughed.


“Hold on, we’ll leave soon I promise.” He stated as he lowered himself to the ground. Confused, I cocked my head and gave him a look.


He got down on one knee and pulled a small black box out of his pocket. I covered my mouth in shock as he opened it to reveal a beautiful ruby engagement ring.

“Chrysanthemum Lyn, we met under the strangest circumstances. I accidentally put a nail through my foot, and you were my nurse. I thought that was the dumbest thing I’ve ever done, but I’m so glad I did it. If I hadn’t I wouldn’t have met you.” I laughed, that was the strangest thing that’s happened for as long as I’ve been working there.


“You’re the only reason I haven’t tried to leave this horrible experiment. You’ve changed my life, Chrissy. And I don’t want you to ever leave it. Marry me, my little flower.”

I started to cry. That speech my the most beautiful thing anyone as ever said to me.I was speechless. I croaked out a soft “Yes” and he slid the ring onto my finger.


He jumped up and kissed me. “I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together.” He breathed against my lips. I smiled at him.

“Me too.”

“Now, lets go get something to eat. How’s Hogans?” He laced his fingers into mine.

“Sounds great.” We walked off the beach hand in hand. This was the single best night of my life.




As I started to get bigger, leaving the house was starting to get harder. Chrissy was helping me out a lot. She was helping me with my groceries, my cooking, and she even hired me a maid! She was my personal guardian angel.


Even though Chrissy didn’t agree with my color choices, she helped me turn the spare room into a little nursery for the baby.


She had even taken to sleeping on the floor. I told her we could share the bed, but she insisted I had the bed to myself. I was glad she was staying with me, I was terrified of going into labor alone.


“Have you thought of any names yet?” Chrissy asked me for the billionth time this week.

“I’m thinking.”  I mumbled. I had been putting it off for quite some time now. A child’s name should be picked by both parents, but unfortunately that wasn’t going to happen.

“Yea, sure. I figured you weren’t gonna come up with anything on your own, so I made a list of a few.” she explained as she pulled a crumpled list out of her pocket. She started to read them off. “Okay so for a girl I’ve got; Lily, Brooke, Rosemary, Jasmine, and Daisy.”

“What about for a boy?”

“For boys I’ve got; Oak, Timber, Thorn, and Pine.” She smiled.

“Okay um I like Brooke for a girl” I thought out loud. “But I’m positive it’s a boy. And no offense, but none of those names really appeal to me.”

“Well then, how about River?” she suggested.


“That sound’s like something my mom would’ve come up with.” I smiled. “River it is.”

“That’s so cute, River and Brooke. They match!” We laughed, it was a cute naming theme. “Hopefully you have twins.” she giggled.

“Oh god.” I faked horror, and we laughed. I think I might’ve laughed too hard, because a horrible pain ripped through my stomach. “Oh god” I repeated, this time my voice was strained.

“Prim, what’s wrong?” Chrissy panicked.


“Oh boy.” I got off the couch. “This kiddo wants out.” I groaned. Chrissy ran off to get changed and get the hospital bag. She was back a few minutes later, and we headed out the door.


I was between contractions when we got there, so I could walk myself into the hospital. Chrissy ran ahead of me to get a wheelchair, because I knew I would need it soon.

My labor was short, but it was extremely painful.


Seven hours later, we were leaving the hospital with my new baby boy. River Fae was a whopping nine pounds even. You might be wondering why we’re leaving the hospital so early after labor, but supernatural creatures heal a lot faster than humans do. I was terrified when I realized he wasn’t sparkling. My son was a vampire.


We arrived at the house a little while later. Chrissy decided to give me some privacy, to get to know my son.

“Hey little guy,” I cooed, “This is our home. It’s just you and me baby. But that’s ok, I promise Mommy will love you enough for two parents.” He gurgled against my shoulder and I smiled. I silently thanked Vance, even though he broke my heart, he gave me the best thing anyone could give someone.


I wasn’t that scared anymore, maybe a vampire son wouldn’t be that much different from a fairy one.

Welcome to the world, my little man.



Having a child didn’t ruin my life like I thought it would. Actually, it was the exact opposite. River was the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. His tiny giggles could cheer me up after a terrible day at work. The way his eyes lit up every time he saw me was the reason I woke up every morning.

Sure, it was hard being a single parent, but Vance sent child support money every once in a while. He wasn’t happy about it, but I didn’t care. Even though we didn’t have his father, River and I weren’t alone. We had Chrissy and Hero.


Chrissy was in love with little River. Whenever she came over she ran up to the nursery to play with him. Some mornings she didn’t even change out of her pajamas!

Today I decided to take River to the park. I thought it would be good for him to get out for a bit, and Sunset Valley has the cutest little family park.


We had to take a taxi into town. Hero had the car today and I couldn’t take River on the motorcycle, so a taxi it was. The man was grumpy and didn’t like helping me put the stroller in the back, and got annoyed when River started crying. Someone’s bitter.

When we got there, I heard the squeals of a little girl. I looked over, and saw a friend of mine from work playing with a little girl on a spring rider.


“Hey Jeremy, funny seeing you here.” I greeted my co-worker. He looked up and smiled.

“Hey Prim, how are you? I haven’t seen you around much.”

“I’m working part-time.” I nodded to River, “The little one takes up a lot of time.” We laughed.

“I know how you feel, I’ve got two.”

“You’re married?” I asked, Jeremy and I have been working together for a long time, and he never mentioned anything about a family.


He lifted the little girl off the spring rider and faced me. “No, it’s just me and the kids.” he said sadly.

“I’m a single parent too.” I sympathized. He smiled softly.

“This is Mistletoe, but everyone calls her Missy.” He gestured to the small girl in his arms.

“Hi Missy.” I waved.

“Hi” she smiled a large toothless smile. She was adorable!

“This little guy is River.” I told them. Jeremy smiled.

“I’m gonna let Missy play in the sandbox, want to sit with me?” He asked.

“I’d love to.”


I put River in one of the provided baby swings, Jeremy put Missy in the sandbox and we took seat on the bench.

“So, what’s your story?” Jeremy blurted out. I knew he wasn’t one for small talk, and it was something I wanted to talk about.


So I told him everything. It took me while, but he listened intently and commented when it was appropriate. He was an amazing listener.


“So,” I asked after I finished talking “That’s my story, how about you?”

His expression changed into one of sadness. “I don’t really want to talk about Becca, so I’ll start after the break up.”

“That’s fine”


“Becca and I never got married. We always said we didn’t need to. So I guess that made things easier, we didn’t need to get a divorce when she kicked us out. We got into a fight, she thought a music career was silly, and that I wouldn’t go anywhere with it. I told her she was wrong, and she didn’t like to be wrong. She threw me, Mistletoe and our son Dill out of the house that night. We had no place to go, so we crashed in a friend of mine’s basement.


I had to teach both of the kids their life skills alone. The basement is small, there’s one tiny bedroom and a mini kitchen. I slept on the couch and the kids had cribs in the bedroom. 


On Dill’s birthday, we didn’t have the money for a party, let alone a cake. He didn’t really notice, he was just happy to be old enough to go to school.


Even without a cake, Dill grew up extremely handsome and happy, he definitely takes after me in the looks department.


Dill’s a great sport about everything. He doesn’t mind sharing a room with Missy. He’s never complained when she wakes up crying. 


Dill and Missy are the best of friends. They only have each other, so Dill is very protective of her. 

“It’s pretty hard living in a basement, but we get by. I hope I have enough saved up for a place before Dill is a teen, I know he’s gonna want his own room soon.”


When he finished, he looked over at Missy giggling in the sand. He was living in a basement with two small children? That’s so horrible.

“Well, that women made a terrible mistake. She’s missing out on an amazing man, and two amazing kids.” I rested my hand on his arm.

“Thanks Prim. This was nice, we should hang out more.” He turned to me and smiled a goofy lopsided grin.


“We definitely should, I had a lot of fun today.” we got off the bench, “River is probably getting hungry, we should be getting home soon.”

“Yea, Dill is probably back from school, so we’re gonna go too.” He looked over at his daughter again, who had buried her legs in the sand. “Her birthday is this Wednesday. I’ve got some money for a cake, and I was wondering if you and River would like to come.” He asked nervously.

“What a coincidence, River’s birthday is that day too. Mind if I bring a cake for him, and we can celebrate together?” I laughed, what a small world.

“Of course, you can bring some friends then too if you want.”

“Alright, I will” I smiled.


I pulled him into a hug. “Call me if you ever need anything, okay Jeremy?” I whispered.

“I wouldn’t want to impose on you.”

“Don’t do it for yourself then, do it for the kids.”

“I’ll see you Wednesday, Prim.” He smiled widely. “Thank you for listening.”

“You too, have a nice evening.” We let go and collected our children. I waved goodbye to him and Missy, both of them waved back. I smiled to myself.




“You better not get too sweaty, we’ve got a party to go to!” I yelled at Hero over my newspaper.

“Yea, yea.” he called back breathlessly. I laughed, but abruptly stopped when I noticed the picture in the newspaper.


‘Couple Married in City Hall’

I quickly folded the newspaper and threw it to the side. I wasn’t going to let anything ruin this day. Not even them.

*A few hours later*


I was the first to arrive at the park. I was worried the party would be cut short, the weather channel said there was a chance of hail today. I didn’t want the kids out in that. I snuggled River close to me. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for him to get older.


“Hey Prim!” Jeremy called from behind me.


“Thanks for coming out Prim, This is gonna be fun, huh?” He laughed and adjusted the toddler on his hip.

“No problem. My friends are gonna be here with the cake soon.”


As if on cue, Chrissy jumped out of the car and ran into the park. “Prim, we’re here!” She squealed and ran at me like she hadn’t seen me in weeks. Jeremy laughed.

“I’m guessing those are you’re friends?”

“Nice one, Sherlock.” I playfully nudged him on the shoulder that didn’t have a toddler leaning against it. We laughed and headed for my friends. “Hey guys, I think we should do cake now, there’s a chance of hail and I don’t want the kids out in that.”

“Sure, I’ll go get the cake.” Hero offered. He kissed Chrissy on the cheek and went back to the car.


We got the cakes set up, and brought the kids up to them.


Missy went first, blowing out her candles after her dad showed her what to do.


River was too young to blow them out alone so I blew them out for him. We put the kids on the ground and waited for them to transition.




When the sparkles faded, River sat on the ground. He had his father’s hair, but I’m not too sure where those eyes came from. But regardless, my son was one handsome little guy!

Mistletoe became a beautiful little girl, but I couldn’t get a good look because it started to hail almost immediately after they transitioned.


“Daddy, let’s go home!” Missy cried.

“Alright sweetly, sorry we had to cut you’re birthday so short.” He apologized to his daughter.

“It’s okay Daddy.” She smiled. “Bye everyone!” She waved and ran off to the car.

“Bye guys, thanks for coming! Sorry it was so short.” Jeremy said to all of us then chased off his newly hyperactive daughter.

I lifted River off the ground and turned to Chrissy and Hero. “I think we’re gonna be seeing a lot more of them.” I grinned wider than the Cheshire cat.

As we headed for the car, Chrissy wrapped her arm around my shoulder.

“I really like this one Prim. He’s a keeper.”

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