Primrose Fae Chapter 4: Shattered

*Warning- Swearing and Violence. Don’t read if you cant handle that. Thank you. Screenshot-745 It’s almost been a year since the experiment started. Chrissy, Hero, Vance and I had finally found a house. Or rather, two houses. They were right next to each other and their backyards connected, so we would never be too far from each other. We were moving in today. We bought all new furniture for the place, so we were leaving most of the other stuff here. I stood in the empty bedroom with a small smile. I was excited for this new house, Vance and I would finally get our own bedroom! But I was gonna miss having my best friend in the same room every night. “Prim, are you coming?” Vance called from the living room. “Yea I’ll be right out.” I shouted back. I took one last look around the room and headed out the door. Screenshot-746 We stood outside and waiting for the moving truck Hero’s friend was bringing by. “Are you excited, Love?” Vance wrapped his arms around my waist and whispered in my ear.

“Extremely.” I smiled and leaned back into him. “Now we’ll be able to woohoo any time of day.” He whispered seductively in my ear. We laughed, because we would always have to wait until Chrissy was out.

“Is that all you care about?” I joked. He shrugged, and we both laughed.

“Will you guys quit laughing?” Chrissy smiled at us. “You’re gonna wake the neighbors!”

“Who cares Chris, we’re moving anyway.” Vance stated. She pouted and Hero wrapped his arms around her waist.

“He does have a point, my little Flower.” Hero told her. We all laughed again, and then Hero’s friend pulled up with the truck.



“Isn’t it beautiful?” I asked Vance as we got out of the truck.

“Not as beautiful as you, Primrose.” He whispered in my ear.

“Oh stop sucking up” I swatted him playfully. We stood there and soaked up the view of our new place. Our moment was interrupted a few seconds later by a loud squeal from behind us.


“Hero, put me down!” Chrissy yelled between giggles.

“Never my fair maiden! I shall carry you across the threshold!” Hero stated. Vance and I giggled as he carried her into the house. She was trying to get free, but she was laughing way too hard to break away.

When they disappeared into their house, Vance kissed me on the neck. “Let’s go break in that new bed.” He whispered.


We broke that bed in a few times that night.


My life was finally taking a turn for the better.



A few weeks after we moved, I fell extremely ill. I was vomiting constantly, I was tired, and I was moody. Vance said I must’ve caught the flu from one of our co-workers. I wasn’t convinced though. The flu usually only lasts a week or so and I’ve been sick for two. I hadn’t told Chrissy yet, she’s a nurse and I didn’t want her to jump to conclusions.

One morning when I was particularly bad, Vance wasn’t even home. He hadn’t come in last night. That wasn’t unusual though, he worked late a lot and probably crashed with a friend. I was annoyed though, I was sick and I wanted my boyfriend here. But he wasn’t so I had to go to my next best option.

I slowly pulled myself off the bathroom floor and into the bedroom. I threw on the first clothes I got my hands on and headed next door.


“I’m getting tired of this, Chrissy. I’ve been sick for weeks, he knows that! He should be home with me, not out gallivanting with his band-mates.” I complained to my best friend five minutes later.

“Weeks? Are you ok Prim?” She looked concerned.

“I think it’s just the flu.”

“Have you been to the doctor yet?”

“No, I didn’t think I needed too. Its just the flu.”


“Have you missed your period?” She asked.

“Um I don’t think so.”

“Is there any possible way you could be pregnant?” she cocked her head.

“We’ve been really careful. I doubt it.” I shook my head, but stopped abruptly as I felt I was about to pass out. “Hey Chris, can I lay down, I’m feeling kinda dizzy.”

“Of course Hun. I’ll go get you you’re pajamas so you can be more comfortable.” she smiled.


She helped me onto the bed. “I’ll be right back, Prim.” she whispered softly. I grunted in response and immediately fell back asleep.



I laid Prim down in my bed before getting dressed. She wasn’t feeling well, and I had a feeling she was expecting. How exciting! My bestie having a baby! How fun would it be to be an aunt? I put on a simple sweater dress and took my hair down. I walked the ten or so feet to her place, and the door was already open. Huh, that’s a little strange. Prim was usually really good about locking the door. Maybe she just forgot because she’s so sick. Screenshot-764 I pushed the door the rest of the way open and discovered the real reason the front door was open. Oh boy. Prim isn’t gonna like this one bit. Screenshot-765 There was Vance, with his lips all over another girl. They didn’t notice me, so I snuck upstairs to get Prim some clothes. That jerk. He brought another woman into the house he shares with his girlfriend, while she’s home! I’m glad I discovered this before Prim though, or I’d have to help hide a body, and I really didn’t want to do that. But of course, if Prim needed my help with that, I wouldn’t object.




I woke up to Chrissy hovering over me with a worried expression. I noticed I was in my pajamas, she must’ve changed me while I was asleep. I didn’t mind though.

“What’s wrong?” I asked. I immediately thought of Hero, he worked at the military base and we were both afraid of something horrible happening to him.

“Look, Prim, I saw something when I went to get you you’re clothes.” She whispered. Oh god. She probably found my stash of handcuffs.

“W-what did you see?” I asked nervously.

“Um, well, Vance was home. And um, oh god Prim I really don’t want to be the one to tell you this.” She choked, she sounded like she was about to cry.

“Tell me what…” I hesitated.

“He was on the couch with another woman. He didn’t see me. He doesn’t know I know. Oh god Prim I’m so sorry.”


“THAT ASSHOLE.” I screamed. I was furious. All those nights “working late” he was probably out with that whore! I thought he loved me, hell we got a fucking house together! “You’re joking right?” this all had to be some sick prank or something. Chrissy frowned and shook her head.

“I’m so sorry” She sobbed. “Prim, please don’t do anything stupid.”

“I already did.” I whispered.

“What do you mean?”

“Him.” I stated. I lightly pushed her out of the way and stormed out of her house and into mine.


“Vance Pinson, what the hell are you doing?” I snapped. He was sitting on OUR couch with another woman. I couldn’t even pretend they were just friends, because he had his arm draped lazily across her shoulders, like he did with me.


“Prim, where were you? I thought you were upstairs sleeping.” he asked calmly, as if nothing was wrong.

“I was at Chrissy’s. She was taking care of me, because YOU left me alone while I was sick.”

“Damn Prim, I can’t be there every single second!” He groaned and got off the couch. The Whore turned the t.v. on and started watching some dumb cartoon, as if she didn’t just cause a fight. That bitch.


“I don’t expect you to be! I’d just like it if you actually came home every night. But apparently you’ve got other things to do.” I gestured to the scantily clad girl on our couch.

“SHE happens to be my fiancée, bitch!” Vance shouted. Fiancée?

“Fiancée? Does this fiancée know that you’ve been living with me, and sleeping with me?” I screamed. I couldn’t believe I was the other woman. I had absolutely no idea he was engaged.

“She does actually. She doesn’t really care.” He laughed.


“I can’t believe this Vance! You are a fucking asshole. I should’ve gone with my gut that day at the fair. I knew you were bad news. You must’ve used your freaky vampire powers to make me fall in love with you!” I fumed. He laughed and the whore giggled.

“I would never, Primrose. You don’t mean that much to me. You’re just my plaything.” he laughed.

“Well fuck you Vance! I did so much for you and this is how you repay me?” I was on the verge of tears now, but I really didn’t want to cry in front of them. Suddenly, I remember what Chrissy said. “Vance.” I whispered this time. “I might be pregnant.”


He got really quiet, then started to growl. “You expect me to believe that? Why did you tell me now, not yesterday or the day before? I bet you’re making this up so I’ll chose you over Champagne. Well newsflash bitch, I’m ENGAGED to her. We’re getting married in a few months, and there is nothing you can do to change that.” he stormed.

“Why do you think I’ve been so sick? I just talked to Chrissy today, she’s the one who suggested it! How was I supposed to tell you yesterday if I just found out today?” I sassed him. He didn’t like that though.

“Well even if you aren’t telling the truth, I don’t want anything to do with the little brat.”

“Why did you do this, Vance?” My voice cracked, it sounded exactly how my heart felt.

“You’re good in bed.” he laughed.

“Is she not?” I pointed to Champagne, I guess that’s her name.


“Don’t insult my fiancée.” he growled.

“Well she obviously isn’t, if you have to go find someone else to do the deed with.” It wasn’t smart to aggravate two vampire, but I was too mad to think clearly.


“Bitch you don’t even know me!” She squeaked. Her voice reminded me of one of Atlantic’s squeaky toys.

“And I don’t want to. What kind of girl let’s her fiancé sleep with other women?” I judged.

“As long as he doesn’t keep it a secret from me, then I really don’t care. I sleep with other men too, but he doesn’t care either.” She explained. Damn, this was some kind of Sister Wives shit.

“That is so fucked up.” I laughed.


I’m Prim, I’m a stuck up little bitch! I actually believed a vampire could love me, a dumb little fairy.” Champagne mocked. I fumed. My vision blurred and I saw red. I was so angry I couldn’t think straight.


Which probably would explain why I jumped on her. Screenshot-792


We fought for a good few minutes before I threw her sorry ass to the ground.

“Get out of my house bitch. I don’t want to see you or you’re dumbass fiancé near my house ever again.” I spat on her, then turned to Vance. “I’ll be contacting you about child support.”

He glared at me but didn’t say anything. He helped a crying Champagne up off the floor, and pulled her toward the door.


They left hand in hand. I crumpled to the floor. The love of my life just walked out, with a fiancée none the less. I was probably pregnant with his child, and that child wouldn’t have a father. I was completely alone.



The next day, Chrissy went out and bought me a pregnancy test. I barely slept at all that night, between my nausea and my crying it was next to impossible. My mind had been racing like crazy, I just couldn’t stop thinking.

But now, my mind was the complete opposite. I was completely numb as we sat on the bathroom floor waiting for the test results. Three minutes felt like an eternity.

“Prim, it’s been three minutes. Do you want to check or do you want me to?” Chrissy spoke softly from her spot on the floor.Screenshot-801

“I guess I’ll check it.” I groaned. “I swear to god if that test is positive… Vance is gonna die.”

“I don’t think you could take down a vampire, Prim. Especially not while pregnant.”

“A girl can dream, can’t she?” we giggled, and I pulled myself off the floor. This small white stick I took a piss on would decide my fate. If it was negative, then I could try and move on and forget Vance ever existed. If it was positive… my life would change forever.

I walked up to the sink and looked down at the test. I little pink plus sign looked back up at me. My breath caught in my throat and I choked. I started to sob.


“It’s positive.” I managed to choke out. My voice was scratchy and barely audible, but I knew Chrissy heard me because she gasped behind me.

“Prim…” she started but I cut her off.


“Don’t you dare tell me its gonna be okay! Because you and I both know it’s not. I’m pregnant at twenty years old! I’m barely making enough money to support myself, how can I support a baby? What about my music career? It’s not okay. I’m not okay.” I yelled. I was crying, I could feel the remnants of yesterdays makeup slide down my face.

“Prim, Hero and I are like, ten feet away. We can help with baby supplies and baby sitting. You aren’t alone. We love you and we’re always gonna be here for you. Don’t you worry you’re pretty little head love, you’re music career won’t be stopped because of a little bundle of love. It’s just gonna be put on hold for a bit. This is a positive thing, I promise.” Chrissy pulled me into a hug.


“You aren’t mad? I just yelled at you.” I whispered in her ear.

“I can’t be mad at you Prim, I love you way too much. And besides, that was probably the hormones talking!” She laughed.

“Yea, probably.” She released me and smiled.

“I’m gonna go make you a doctors appointment. I can’t believe my bestie is having a baby! I’m gonna be an auntie!” She squealed and ran out of my bathroom.

I smiled to myself. Thank god for Chrissy. I honestly don’t think I could go through with this without her.

But I was still terrified of parenthood. Mine were only in my life for such a short time, I didn’t really get to know them. I was terrified of messing up. Well, I’ve already messed up. This baby isn’t going to have a father.

Right then, I promised myself I would be the best damn mother Sunset Valley. has ever seen.


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