Primrose Fae Chapter 2: BBF (Boss’s Best Friend)


“Hey Prim, isn’t your boss a vampire?” Chrissy asked me. She moved in with me a month after we met, and we’ve been living together for while and I finally had real furniture in my living room.

“Yea, why?”

“Is he cute?” she wiggled her eyebrows up and down.

“Ew Chris, he’s my boss. And he sucks blood, never gonna happen.” I made a disgusted face at my friend. Chrissy has been trying to set me up with anyone and everyone ever since she met her boyfriend, a fairy named Hero Ponce.

“Oh come on Prim, I doubt he’s that terrible. And you’re both into music! It’ll be perfect.” she smiled to herself like she made a life changing discovery.


“You’re joking right?” I stared at her with disbelief, but it was so obvious she was serious.

“You never answered my question.” she giggled. “Is he cute of not?”

I sighed and nodded. “He’s alright for a vampire.”

She smiled so wide that it looked like her face would rip in half. “It’s settled then. He’s coming to the party tomorrow.” she giggled, jumped up and ran into our bedroom before i could object.



It turned out my boss was busy that day, so he couldn’t make it. Half of me was relieved, but a part of me felt a little disappointed. I quickly brushed that off though, he was a vampire and my boss. It was gross either way. Screenshot-255

Chrissy was the only one I knew at this party. I’m not a very social person, I have one or two close friends and that’s usually it. This party was very out of my element, but I came here for Chrissy. Not that she actually hung out with me the whole time. She was a little social butterfly and didn’t hesitate to talk to anyone there. But she spent the majority of her time with he face attached to Hero.


There was one guest who caught my attention though. I’m not shy, just very picky about who I talked to. This guy definitely was up to my standards, so I just had to introduce myself.


“Hey there, I’m Primrose.” I flashed him my best smile. He smiled back and shook my hand.

“Hello Primrose, I’m Abner.” his voice was strong and very deep.

“Enjoying the party?” I asked. He nodded.


Abner and I ended up exchanging numbers. I discovered he also liked to party, and that we should go together some time. I smiled at the thought of that. Partying with cute guys was way better than partying with friends. Not that I’d tell Chrissy that.

Other than meeting Abner the party wasn’t very exciting. Everyone just kinda stood around talking, much like we were. Chrissy and Hero were the only ones who actually went in the pool, but the guests still had a good time.


It was the first day of fall. The Fall Fest had started today, and I decided to check it out. Chrissy was working so I went by myself, since I work nights. There was barely anyone there, it was a Wednesday and most people were working.

I scanned the park, looking for someone I knew. I didn’t have many friends outside Chrissy, just maybe some co-workers. My eyes landed on a familiar purple figure by the apple-bobbing tub.

“Hey Prim!” He called out to me.


I had no choice but to approach him. “Hey Vance…” my voice trailed. I really didn’t want to hang out with him willingly. I was still uneasy about his vampire status, and I really didn’t want to get murdered by my boss at the fall festival.

“You wanna bob for apples?” he smiled at me, flashing his perfect white fangs. I gulped, the thought of my neck being so close to his mouth with my hands tied behind my back wasn’t something I was looking forward to. But saying no wasn’t really an option here.

“Sure, why not.” I faked a smile.


He totally whooped my ass. I stood no chance against him, his vampire speed combined with his fangs gave him a huge advantage.

“Sorry ’bout that Prim.” he laughed and scratched his neck. “Guess I should’ve gone easier on ya.”

“Nah it’s all good.” I smiled at him. He wasn’t that bad, actually. Not that I’d admit that out loud.

“Wanna go check out the haunted house?” He nodded his head to the tall building on the other side of the park.

“Sure why not.” I smiled and linked my arm in his.


Vance got the crap scared out of him while I stood back and laughed. He had pouted, but it was extremely funny.

“Y’know Prim, I’m not a bad guy. Just because I have fangs doesn’t make me mean or evil.” He said to me after we exited the house.

“What do you mean?”

“I can tell by the way you ignore me and the other vampires at work. You only talk to the fae that work at the theater unless we talk to you. I know a lot of you are afraid of us, but I promise, I’m not gonna hurt you.” He smiled softly, scratching the back of his neck again. It must be a nervous habit.

I smiled back at him. “Yea, I can see that now.” I stepped closer to him. “C’mon boss-man. We’re going clubbing.”


I grabbed his wrist and pulled him behind me. He didn’t resist, so I assumed he was down with my idea.


And that’s how I became best friends with my boss.


*A few weeks later*


“Vance, what are you doing here?” I asked as I emerged from my shared bedroom early in the morning.

“I got bored. And you’re couch is more comfortable than mine.” he stated as if it were the most simple explanation in the world.

“Ugh whatever.” I laughed and threw myself on the couch next to him.


He pulled himself up onto the top of the couch. “So what’re you doing today?” I asked as I watched the news upside down.

“Whatever you and Chris are doing.” He laughed.

“Well I have no idea what we’re doing, so we should go ask her.” I laughed and rolled off the couch.


A little while later, the three of us found ourselves on the floor of the bedroom. We sat, or in Vance’s case, laid, down and listened to the new albums I brought home from work yesterday.

“What are we doing today?” I asked.

“I think we should check out the bowling alley. Hero said he’s been a few times, it sounds like fun.” Chrissy suggested. It sounded like a good idea. I’ve never been bowling before and I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try it out.

“Sounds like fun, I’ll start the car.” Vance jumped off the floor and ran out the door. Chrissy giggled and I just shook my head. He looked badass, but he acted like a puppy.


“So,” Chrissy eyed me as we pulled ourselves off the floor. Her lips curled into a mischievous smile. “Are you finally gonna make a move?” she giggled. I rolled my eyes. Vance and I were close, and we flirted occasionally but it was nothing serious.

“We don’t even know if hes single, Chris.” I sighed. It was true, he never really told us if he was seeing someone, whenever the subject came up he changed it. It was kind of fishy but I let it rest. I wasn’t gonna pressure him to tell me something he doesn’t want to.

“True, but it can’t hurt to try.” she playfully pushed my shoulder and fluttered out of our room. Screenshot-387

I rubbed my neck and sighed. I guess she had a point.



Bowling was a lot of fun. I completely crushed both Chrissy and Vance the first time around. Chrissy stormed off, probably to get a coffee or something. Vance and I started another game, and I was fully prepared to completely slay him (pun intended).Screenshot-412

I guess I got a little too excited when I won, because Vance started cracking up at my victory dance.

“That looked ridiculous.” He laughed.

“Someone’s just bitter they lost to a girl. Again.” I stuck my tongue out at him. It was childish, yes, but it was funny at the time. He snickered and dramatically threw his hands to his face.

“You caught me. I’m utterly crushed!” he exclaimed. We laughed again, but his expression abruptly changed into a serious frown. “Oh god, I didn’t realize how late it is. I’ve got to go.” He hugged me quickly and ran off.

I was extremely disappointed, as I had been thinking about what Chrissy had said. Vance was pretty special to me, and I really wanted to tell him that.


I don’t know how it happened. After I told Chrissy about my disappointment, and the next thing I knew we were in a club. I didn’t really mind though. I was drunk, I was dancing, and I was with my best friend in the whole world. I couldn’t really remember what exactly I had been sad about, and it didn’t matter in that moment. I was having way too much fun to care.


Yea, we were having a really, really great time.


I probably wouldn’t have been having so much fun if I knew what was going on on the other side of town.

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