Generation 1: Prologue


I grew up in a very loving home for the first nine years of my life. My parents were happily married, my little brother and I were the best of friends. My dad had a job in the military, and my mother stayed home and home schooled me and my brother. As you might notice, we aren’t human. We are fairies, and we live in a town full of supernaturals, hidden away from the humans.


My dad wasn’t home often, so it was usually just the three of us in our small mountain home.


Even though he was away most of the time, my parents never stopped loving each other. In fact, I think it made them love each other even more.

If I knew then what I knew now, I would know that this happy little family unit couldn’t last forever.


I remember the day just like it was yesterday. My brother Basil and I were playing with our dolls while our mother prepared us lunch. Our playtime was interrupted by a loud knock at the door. I jumped, we never got visitors up here besides the mail. My brother continued to play, as he was deaf and the knock did not disturb him.

My mother left the kitchen, her face panicked. Screenshot-12

She hugged me and said “Primrose, take your brother in my room and hide. Don’t make a sound. Don’t come out until I come for you.”

I started to protest, but she stopped me.

“Please Prim.” the fear in her voice persuaded me not to object again, so I took Basil’s hand and led him to the room.


There was another knock, much louder this time. I could hear the door starting to splinter, and dove under the bed with my brother.


I heard someone kick down the door  and my mother scream. It was one of those screams that stay with you forever. I didn’t want to hear anymore, so I covered my ears.


A man’s voice started yelling at my mother, in a language I couldn’t understand. Her screams were muffled now, and I assumed this person put something over her mouth. I could hear her struggle, she was punching, kicking and screaming. She fought hard, my mother did. She had always been stubborn, a trait she passed down to me. My mothers resistance had given me hope. I hoped she could overtake this man,and get us out of here safely. But my hopes were crushed as soon as they appeared. Silence fell over the small house, followed by the thump of a body hitting the floor.


Even though I was so young, I understood what happened. This man had killed my mother. Or at least knocked her out. I heard him speak again, this time to a person who was not there. He was still speaking the strange language, so I could not make out what he was saying or who he was talking to.


Then the man left. I didn’t move from under the bed though, I didn’t want to risk it. Basil started to fuss. He was hungry. I quieted him down though, he always did as I asked.


To say I was scared was an understatement. I was terrified. I had no idea what was going on, why this man was in my house and why he had to hurt my mother. Hundreds of questions ran through my mind. I didn’t know it then, but those questions would be answered soon.


My dad was currently stationed at the base here in Moonlight Falls. This meant he could come home for lunch. He was supposed to be home any minute, and this man was still here.


I heard the low rumble of my family’s used car. My father was home. His car door slammed, and he started to yell. He was screaming at this man, asking him what he was doing, why he was here and where we were. The man didn’t say anything, either he couldn’t understand my father or he just didn’t care.

I heard a loud smack, a thud, and then silence.


The man started speaking to my father. He spoke calmly, but very loud.


My father screamed out in pain. I thought the man was killing him, just like my mother only minutes before.

The man was still talking, but now his voice sounded softer. Almost gentle. A car door opened, closed, then the car drove off.


We waited a while, and we didn’t hear anything else. I finally crawled out from under the bed and pulled basil out with me. He was confused and upset, so I gave him a hug to calm him down. He instantly relaxed in my arms as I rubbed circles on his back. Mama had taught me that trick, but I didn’t want to think about that right now.


I released him from my hug and knelt down in front of him. ‘I’m gonna go bye-bye for a little bit. I’ll be back soon.’ I signed. He was only 2 1/2, but he already knew how to sign lots of things. He nodded. He started to cry again, making me want to stay, but I needed to get help. I kissed his hand, and walked away.


Little did I know, I would never see my little brother again.

I lost my entire family in one day.

All because the humans found out about us.


Hi there! I’m Paige, and this is my first Sims 3 written legacy. I hope you like it, and I hope I can finish it! Enjoy, and let me know what you think or what I can improve.

Oh, and here’s some bonus pics of Prim and her family. I just installed pose player and wanted to play around with it.



Flora and Reed Fae (Primrose’s parents)


Reed, Flora, Basil and Prim.

Thanks for reading!

A little… technical difficulties…

I went to install pose player today, and somehow I totally screwed everything up and the game wouldnt even open so i tried uninstalling and re-installing and then the launcher wouldnt even open. I’m about to cry I have no idea what i did wrong and why it isnt working, but if you have any advice or anything please let me know. Sorry for my run on sentences I’m really upset.